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I'm looking to join another one - maybe more than one - so I'm not always bouncing my ideas off the same group of people on TV Tropes.

I'm writing a comic script, so any site with a focus on those would be nice, but not a necessity.

Any recommendations?
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There's a small one called Budding Writers that I was a member of before I came to TV Tropes. Let me find the link to it.

Here. Once you join, say that chihuahua0 says hi and he's sorry that he hadn't returned.

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If you're into writing Fantasy you could use Mythic Scribes. I'm not sure how good of a resource it is as I don't have much experience with it myself, but it looks to be good.

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It's got a damn good queue system in which you critique other peoples' stories and submit your own to be critiqued.

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Budding Writers:

Total Members: 122 (The newest member is *Lethal Butterfly*) Jan 21 2011, 09:02 AM, a record 15 users were online.
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It's a small, slow community, if you aren't going for hard-core and more personal and contest fare. It would be bigger except that their old service provider got the magnet and they had to move. So basically they lost most of their threads and dead member profiles.

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^ First one I thought of, honestly. Some of the spin-off communities are nice too, in particular WriYe, JulNoWriMo, and AugNoWriMo, even if the latter two only during their own challenge months.
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It's pretty decent. ~500 members, pretty active, and the admin managed to snag interviews with pretty famous authors. It's great. You should try it. I'm "Evan" on the forum.
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