Mach Rider needs a gritty reboot:

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In the distant future, sprawling hi-tech cities struggle to survive in the harsh environment of a desert wasteland in the wake of global warfare. You are a bounty hunter riding around the cities and surrounding wastes on a heavily-armed motorbike as you fight bandits and biker gangs with the highway as your battlefield. Evil forces are threatening what remains of mankind, and you alone have answered to their cry for help. No one knows your name. To the world, you are only known as Mach Rider!

I'm thinking this game would have a Wide Open Sandbox format where you can freely ride around the game world on your customizable, upgradeable motorcycle, armed with machine guns, missile launchers, laser cannons, you name it. You take on missions at your own pace that would involve putting your driving and shooting skills to good use. What do you think?
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It does not need a gritty reboot.

Though I wouldn't mind a 3d Sequel that expands the game play, it should remain true to the first. Maybe enemies that can shoot back, some helicopter type enemies, maybe more variety in levels, some new weapons, some new attacks but the game play and storyline should stay faithful to the original.

Branching paths I'm fine with but the closest it should get to being a sandbox game is maybe The Hub between levels. Its graphics could be fairly realistic too, but not to Real Is Brown or Real Is Grey realism, and it doesn't need any angst, blood, cussing...well I could tolerate blood as long as he still pulls himself back together like in the original.

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Is that the NES game where every time you die, you split into a bunch of pieces that then come back together?
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I'd like to see a Mad Max inspired remake of the game. One that puts the Wii's motion controls to good use.
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Not everything needs to be Darker and Edgier, y'know. Remember the 2009 Bionic Commando sequel? I'd be happy to just have a Mach Rider revival.
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