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Sometimes the previous generations of the My Little Pony franchise come up in the thread for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (generation 4). Here is a thread dedicated to the first 3 generations, as it didn't seem to exist before.
2 MoeDantes11th May 2011 05:26:14 PM from the Land of Classics
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I don't really know much about the previous gens, but as the entire 80s series is on DVD I'm probably gonna order it and play some catch-up.

But the direct-to-video movies from the mid-2000s... I think I'll pass.
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Yes, I figure I might as well check out the G1 cartoons, but I'm not gonna touch G3.
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I have a few episodes from the Gen 1 TV show on DVD, a swell as the Movie. Does anyone know if the TV specials are on DVD anywhere?
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6 MoeDantes11th May 2011 05:35:08 PM from the Land of Classics
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You guys know that within a few months time, we're gonna be a bunch of grown men talking about what Pinkie Pie would be like as a sea pony, right?

I'm lucky—most people I know already think I'm weird/scary, so I can do whatever I want. I imagine most of you have actual lives though. How will you handle it?

[up] The Specials are included in "The Complete First Season" from Rhino, but they're the syndicated versions (edited into two-part episodes and with some footage cut). Of course, both are available uncut on VHS, but probably hard to find.

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I'm lucky—most people I know already think I'm weird/scary, so I can do whatever I want.
This, pretty much.

(Not that I know actually know many people)
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I have vague memories of the 80's ponies. My older sister collected them and she would camp out in the living room to watch the show when it came on. All I really remember was that Spike was in it and that there was a series at some point that had more boy ponies.
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So what is G3 like? Apparently a G3.5 series was in the works at one point and the pitch was really vapid.
10 MoeDantes11th May 2011 05:58:18 PM from the Land of Classics
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Admittedly, I've never seen a G3 movie all the way through, just seen bits and pieces. But basically the impression I got was:

Remember "Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Surprise"? Imagine that, stretched out to 30-45 minutes.

EDIT: Actually, now that I've spoken out of my ass, I feel compelled to watch just one of the G3 specials to make absolutely sure I'm right.

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11 Fancolors11th May 2011 06:12:00 PM from Land of the Mamelucos
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Does anyone here know where I could find A Very Pony Place?

I'm thinking about writing a fanfiction with the G1 to G3 cast, and got interested in Lily Lightly (you know, the unicorn whose only skill was, well...glowing). The movie may be dull and yawn-worthy, but I'm still interested.

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12 MoeDantes11th May 2011 06:22:27 PM from the Land of Classics
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[up] Somebody has it uploaded in four parts on Youtube. Also, its not like you can't order the DVD.

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13 WillKeaton11th May 2011 06:24:50 PM from Alberta, Canada
Keep hearing about this G1 and G3 stuff and I'm not really sure what's what. I know there were four basic continuities:

A couple of specials; Rescue at Midnight Castle, Escape from Catrina, followed by the movie and then the series proper. I belive this is what G1 reffers to.

My Little Pony Tales; set in the town of Ponyville where the ponies often went rollerskating and walked on two hooves.

A series of straight-to-video films released from 2005 to 2009. Looking at the voice talent for these I believe it was recorded in Vancouver.

Friendship Is Magic. Nuff said.

So what's G2, or G3.5 and whatnot?

A review of the My Little Pony Movie can be found right here:

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I didn't even watch this all the way through. It's quite bland.

I wonder where anyone gets the drive to work on such things.

^I'm not sure if G2 had any animated adaptations.

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I wonder where anyone gets the drive to work on such things.
“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

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16 WillKeaton11th May 2011 06:34:55 PM from Alberta, Canada
Went to Wikipedia, this is what it had to say about one of the charcters from The Princess Promenade.

"Rainbow Dash: Has a Zsa Zsa Gabor-style accent and always adds the word "darling" into her speech.''
You want proof? Watch this video and skip to 6:05. Or just hit the "5" key on your keyboard. Just found out you could do that last week.

And this is a trailer for a couple of specials.

WARNING!: The following video has been known to cause diabetic shock, eye-gouging and a condition known as "Hot Dog Fingers."

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17 MoeDantes11th May 2011 06:41:47 PM from the Land of Classics
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@post #13

As I understand it, the G1-G3 thing refers more to the toys than the cartoons.

The G2 line was from 1997 to 1999. For whatever reason, nobody liked this iteration of the ponies and it was quickly discontinued (though apparently they had a bit more success in the UK). There was never an animated adaptation of these ponies.

Linkie to page with more info.
There was a Raising Sim PC game for the G2 series. i used to own it. :) But this one Pony I didn't raise very well and her rainbow got really close to fading. I never saw what happens if it does, but it can't be good. D:

EDIT: Found a page on it!

Ivy was my fave G2 Pony (i used her to battle my Batman action figure XD) so i spent an inordinate amount of time at the salon.

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Rescue from Midnight Castle was the grandest of grand introductions to the franchise we all know and love about magical ponies.

I'm not really an 80s person, but My Little Pony was one the best things out of it. You can, or at least could, clearly feel the Dungeons and Dragons influence out of it.
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That reminds me of a Comic Book Rumbles thread I made about the Ponies vs the X-Men that very quickly spiraled out of control. XD
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I'm not seeing how that can get out of control.
22 Fancolors12th May 2011 10:14:25 AM from Land of the Mamelucos
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@Moe: Now I feel stupid for not considering looking for it on Youtube. And no, I can't order a DVD since I'm living in the other hemisphere. But anyways, thanks.

On a side-note, I literally fell asleep in front of my computer while watching the show. The level of blandness is near-Barbie films levels.
Anyone have a favorite Pony from the show(s)? My favorites were Fizzy and Baby Cuddles from Gen 1, and Cheerilee and Kimono from Gen 3. Never saw MLP Tales.

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24 emeriin12th May 2011 02:09:13 PM , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife

This just makes me appreciate the songs in the new series all the more.

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It is really, really weird to look back at the old Generation 3 specials, if only because Rainbow Dash is absolutely nothing like her FIM incarnation. Well, there's the awkward art style too.

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