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We are all alts of you.
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We are all alts of you.:

You just have extreme Dissociative Identity Disorder. And an account for every identity.
I live in my own little world. Anything resembling reality is merely coincidental.
(Obligatory Joke about Central Avenue)
act a fool | I love you, Central Avenue.
Just a tad. Though it's not like you would get yourself in trouble for it.
I live in my own little world. Anything resembling reality is merely coincidental.
 5 Pentigan, Tue, 29th Mar '11 7:38:38 PM from Summerland Relationship Status:
That must be why I'm edit banned when I didn't edit anything...
 6 Hungry Joe, Wed, 30th Mar '11 11:59:31 AM from Under the Tree
No you're not, you just editied a page.

Don't listen to yourself, I'm me and you're me and you're you who is me.
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
And we are all together.
 8 Pentigan, Thu, 31st Mar '11 2:43:36 PM from Summerland Relationship Status:
One and one and one is three.
 9 Pentigan, Thu, 31st Mar '11 7:54:39 PM from Summerland Relationship Status:
Of course we are all alts of the same person, we have the same profile pic.
That would go over the sockpuppet limit.

Not if you're using different IP addresses.
The Weird Otaku
...So that would make me Obama, Osama, and Miyamoto all at the same time?

Misanthropic Wiccan Nerd
And we're all already assimilated?
 13 Perfectlty AB Normal, Sun, 3rd Jul '11 1:49:48 AM from The whirlpool in the sky
This title will be too l
Then , What about when were Ninja'd

Do you think we NINJA ourselves?
Oh Lord, forgive the misprints! Andrew Bradford, American book-publisher
I'm not a monster.
[up]Yes. It all falls into our scheme.
Misanthropic Wiccan Nerd
^ I knew I was an asshole, but that's just ridiculous.
I'm not a monster.
Eh? What?
Misanthropic Wiccan Nerd
I can't believe I'd Ninja myself! It's just mean.
I'm not a monster.
Oh, yes. Well, imagine that even YOU don't realize that it's you!
 19 Angewomon, Thu, 11th Aug '11 10:03:04 AM from Everywhere and Nowhere
Digital Angel
It's simple: We're all part of a Hive Mind.

edited 11th Aug '11 10:03:59 AM by Angewomon

Talk to the hand.
Well this would explain the gap's in my memory.
The smartest idiot you will ever meet.
 21 Mauta, Mon, 9th Jan '12 5:13:32 PM from Indefinite
YAY i have(imaginary)friends! grin
what's a char? and why do i have 140 of them?
 22 Onion Shew, Fri, 13th Jul '12 2:19:32 AM from London Below
Where's my lantern?
I'll have to have a serious talk with myself about this later.
Ab luce in tenebras et e tenebris venit lux; altera sine altera esse nequit, deinde nihil nisi concavum sit.
 23 Matues, Fri, 27th Jul '12 7:16:04 AM Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance

I'm so much more interesting when I'm being different parts of myself.

The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
Wait, if we're all me, I'm a much more hard working troper than I thought.
Rule of fanworks reviews: The amount of constructive criticism a work receives is in inverse proportion to the amount it needs.
 25 Kossmeister, Sat, 18th Aug '12 11:12:55 AM from Gainesville, FL
Burn It Down In The End
At least some of my alts share my sense of humor.
Every time a fairy says that it doesn't believe in humans, a human child dies.
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