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I like James Cameron's Avatar, Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and How to Train Your Dragon. I obviously like more about aesthetics than the whole anime-esque thing Japan picked up from Mickey Mouse and still exists in some American animation such as My Little Pony(all generations), Ruby Gloom, Lilo and Stitch, and several hundred, if not a few thousands of others.

But I definitely like that sort of thing. "Eyes" might not be an entirely fitting term, either. As when people say "big eyes", they generally really mean "big pupils". For the most part.

An example of "small eyes" would be shows like 'Hey Arnold!'.

.... this is really off topic. We really need to stop. I'm sorry if I offended anyone here. Just my own, personal, subjective taste.
Man, what I said was ignored in favor of a troll.....
Now that is the opposite of what I am trying to do, derail and offend people. So let's get back on topic.

avatar: Coco Natts Hate to rain on your parade Jawa. But it really hasnt crossed anyone's mind that they are doing that for the "WE ARE TOTALLY NOT SEXIST BRO!" value?

They did it for Ratatouille, true, but dont go "OH HOW HEARTWARMING" just yet.
Sorry, first response to this was stupid since I didn't know what you were talking about. Edited it out.

That sounds overly suspicious in my opinion.

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[up][up]Considering that there isn't much evidence from Pixar in the same vein as your assertions, I can't say I'm the one who thinks of waiting until more evidence comes out.

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[up][up] You said you hated Pixar and Dreamworks, but all but one of those movies you mentioned came from Pixar or Dreamworks.

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Yes, I specifically chose them for that reason. But I mean, I'm dangerously in the area of unexpecting being impressed and low rating them in comparison to a lot of people. They also produce a lot of overrated works that annoy me. Like it always annoyed me how I've often been practically the only person who did not greatly enjoy Shrek, any of the films. I can't even stand the sensation to turn off the TV or change the channel when they show movies like Shark Tale on TV at places like hospitals. Or bash my head into a wall until I need a hospital room. Madagascar never impressed me much, either.

Everybody seems to go OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG over Pixar and Dreamworks, while I'm generally rather "meh, I hope they don't put out something I'll hate again like the Incredibles or Shark Tale." When I like their works, I feel lucky and I like them pretty good. When I don't like their works, I feel like bleaching my brain. Not helped by the fact it's everywhere. I didn't like Monsters versus Aliens. I'm even annoyed by Kung-Fu Panda. The mere existence of Megamind rather annoys me, as well. In hate the Incredibles, I hate Cars, I didn't like A Bug's Life, and to be honest, Toy Story is just largely middle of the road for me. Despite being lauded as it is. Feels bad sis.

And we are talking about everything but Brave, again. Oh well, at least it's about Pixar. But we should seriously talk about... the subject of the topic.

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Ok you arent a troll, sorry.

I still wish someone commented on what I said.
31 Marioguy12828th May 2011 06:23:00 PM from various galaxies
Hmm, this certainly has caught my attention. Looking forward to it.

[up]Silence is feedback, you know.

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Ok I got it.

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Let me get this straight, you think that what's going on here is being done out of political correctness?

No, it didn't really pass my mind. And also, whatever the case, that doesn't mean this is bad. It's still a good thing to have talented women working on a movie, having a strong female character, and the like. One of the things I'm looking forward to is the hope that it's a serious setting. I'm tired of these "funny-zany-child-friendly" CG works. A serious, woman appraising, Scottish-culture appraising work seems refreshing and incredibly appealing. I think they'll be able to deliver on this expectation, and do so in spades.

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I haven't seen many Pixar movies lately, but I'll probably see this one. It looks like it's something new, and the whole Scottish thing gives it bonus-points with me.
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Celtic culture is pretty awesome, I must say.
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37 ninjaclown29th May 2011 02:38:36 AM from The Great White North
It's back.
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He'd probably want too much money. The only way to get him out of retirement would be a huge paycheck.
To Ukonkivi: Well, you have to understand, a LOT of people like Pixar's output. They're not lying about liking it to seem cool, they actually like it. It's fine not to like it, if that's the way your taste runs; it's important though to be able to identify why you dislike it, and to accept that other people aren't necessarily brain-dead morons for liking it. My reasons for liking the Incredibles might be just as compelling as your reasons for disliking it. I know, that's a hard lesson to learn (example: pretty much the whole of the internet is one big tesseract of people who have not, and refuse to, learn this lesson). It seems from the tone of your post that your main gripe is a lot of people disagree with you. You don't have to give Brave a chance; you don't owe the film anything, but I hear so often, from so many people, that they are fed up with Pixar llargely because Pixar seems to be almost universally popular. It seems silly to me to dislike anything just because you feel the scales of positive and negative energy in the Universe need to be balanced.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Lauren Faust is not impressed with what Pixar has done.

I mean... OK...Yeah.
42 RobbieRotten29th May 2011 08:19:26 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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I don't mind, i still think this will be good
Check out my blog

No one says its going to be Bad. And to be fair no one is getting Torches and Pitchforks to attack Pixar.

Its unfortunate. That's all she is saying.
Over 10,000 dead.:<
You don't have to give Brave a chance
That's not my original message at all. I was saying, given my track record of being really annoyed by many of their works, I'm surprised to actually being looking forward to a Pixar film at all. Because this appears to be lacking everything I don't like about Pixar films I don't like.

I am abstaining from comment on the rest of your material.

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IIRC, Sean Connery did a tiny indie film (and kid's movie) post-retirement because he believed it a matter of Scottish pride. So there's always that angle to work with...

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So reading through this thread (took all of two minutes), I'm all like; "Ironically uncute? Small eyes? What."

I need point of reference, and I need them yesterday!
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I don't think this can possibly be bad,first off they've Shown Their Work again,this troper knows he has some inside connections on this one. Also how do you go wrong with Mrs. Weasly,Hagrid,and Uncle Monty [from A Series Of Unfortnate Events] as voices?

I'm hard pressed to believe this movie will be the Shark Jumper,maybe Cars 2 or Monsters University but not this one,that would be a Tear Jerker
I can see Brave being a Tear Jerker. And it will definitely NOT Jump the Shark for Pixar.
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There isn't a Pixar movie that I haven't found to be a Tear Jerker yet, so to me, saying "This Pixar movie will be a Tear Jerker" is a bit like saying "Oh, by the way, I think the sky will be blue tomorrow..."

Personally, I'm more gunning for a higher-than-usual CMOA concentration thanks to the Bad Ass Warrior Princess-itude.
"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
50 arcsquad1218th Jun 2011 02:58:01 PM from Monument of Sins
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If anything, Cars2 seems to be the closest Pixar is coming to jumping the shark. It's their most marketable film ever, but I am worried since it was also their worst.

Prove me wrong Pixar, please.
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