Playing with Stereotypes:

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Bigonkers! is Magic
Inspired by the things Lauren Faust did with the characters in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magc...

Mostly, I decided to see how I could play with some stereotypes as well. So far I've got...

  • Yvonne: While she does like shopping allot she likes to plan her excursions, a skill that helps her with organizing clubs and get togethers. Her ability to see the value of things also extends to her friends as well.

  • Maria: Rides a sweet Harley and does dress in leather but along with being one of those tougher than nails types, she is also extremely girly and will deck out most of her things with flowers, ribbons, and bows if the situation permits it.

  • Matthew: Has an incredibly resolve and deals with situations as best he can, even if the odds are against him. Which is a good thing as he has a male lover in the form of Vance.
    • Vance: Is a fun loving party animal who works in a candy shop. Won't hesitate to show off his newest party tricks.

  • Barbara: Even though her thoughts tend to stray, she often finds herself playing the Straight Man to everyone else's antics, which she doesn't find very amusing.

  • Violet: Despite being very nervous around new people, Violet is often one of the first in her group of friends to accept new people.

  • Lydia: Was born into wealth and power and can be incredibly vicious to those she considers beneath her. But without her influence, the town in which she lives would go down the gutter fast.

So, how did I do?
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