Watson the supercomputer on Jeopardy:

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Anyone happen to see the episodes of Jeopardy they're running this week (the last of the set will be shown today), where Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter compete against an IBM-built computer named Watson?

The computer, of course, is kicking their asses.

I think it's a pretty cool idea. Whenever someone rings in, 3 answers that the computer thinks might possibly be correct are shown at the bottom of the screen, with percentages of each being correct according to Watson's logic. It got a few questions wrong, in some cases WAY wrong uses odd computer-like logic, but you could see what it was thinking in a sense by seeing the possible answers.

It also wagered odd, random amounts of money. "I'll wager $1246."

I hope it's on YouTube. I'm at work now, so I can't check, but if you guys can check it, link up some YouTube vids in this topic so others could see?

I realize it's a gimmick, both in terms of marketing for IBM (and there were breaks in the match containing "informercials" about how great this new technology is), and in terms of a novelty match for Jeopardy, but I found it really fun.

Oh yeah, Watson is not internet-connected, but instead has a ton of information contained within his hard drives. So he wasn't searching Wikipedia or anything, but instead his own internal memory.
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I'm going to try to watch the final episode tonight. I'm really intrigued by this, not so much by Watson's ability to search vast libraries of data (that's what computers are good at, after all) as by its ability to process natural language (the Jeopardy clues) and arrive at correct conclusions regarding what's being asked.

It has some rather staggering implications for weak AI in the fields of natural language - imagine a search engine that could process your queries as natural language and return actually relevant results? It's been tried before but seldom successfully.

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This must be like the fourth thread we have on Watson.
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[up]Really? I searched both "Watson" and "Jeopardy" in the titles and didn't see it. Similarly on Yack Fest.

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Well, if there are separate threads on OTT, IJAM, and Yack Fest, they can generally stay that way since the membership for those subfora is very different.
This is all news to me, but still incredibly cool.

Now if they only brought Watson in for Celebrity Jeopardy...
Well it seems like quite a success since IBM started their "better search engine" research at the Watson labs.
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Anyone have a full video on this? It sounds really interesting, but I can only find brief clips on Youtube.
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I watched the last episode of the "saga" on TV a while ago. Wow, that computer is pretty amazing. It's funny how they show its top 3 choices, though, because the third one is typically something that's really far off and barely related to the topic at all.
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That is a video of Watson strutting its stuff. It gets the daily double correct.

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What is Toronto? Apparently not a U.S. city.
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The capital of Canada.
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The largest city in Canada.
Except for 4/1/2011. That day lingers in my memory like...metaphor here...I should go.
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I am wrong.
Watson finds the answer elementary.

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I for one embrace our inevitable robot overlords.tongue

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The AI aspect of interpreting the question is pretty cool, but it does seem like the computer would have a better reaction time for "pushing" the buzzer (I'm imagining it's just wired up to it directly, which seems a bit unfair.) Or does it not buzz in until it has a set of 3 answers?

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It works out if it'll have the answer by the time it needs to push the buzzer. There's also a pause between the end of the question and the buzzers activating.

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Actually, they set up a mechanical button pusher to make it fair.
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I went to a presentation by one of the guys who worked on Watson. It was pretty interesting. He also talked a bit about the infamous "What is Toronto" answer and why Watson missed it.

Apparently, the top three choices were Toronto 14% Chicago 11% Omaha 10%

So Watson did get the correct answer in the top three at least. And it was also smart enough to realize that it's answer probably wasn't correct.

22 Marioguy12817th Feb 2011 09:25:16 PM from various galaxies
This is incredible. I can't believe they came up with something like this!
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I heard that the reason it missed the fact that Toronto is in Canada is because of the overabundance of places in the United States called "Ontario." It saw Ontario, connected it to the myriad of other Ontarios, and came up with the wrong answer.

Either way, I hope IBM realizes they created Skynet.
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Honestly I say this "Watson" should be smashed to pieces.

I'm highly against AI computers.
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^ What? It's a fancy search engine. It's Google dressed up so it can parse strangely worded queries.

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