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83976 SilentReverence24th Aug 2011 05:52:22 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up Get RP Mod
adopting kitteh
-I finally pay attention to Maekrite, who is already growling-

— Oh yes... sorry about...

Maekrite — <s'OK! I want!> — licks paws — <...Have heard anything from the elders yet? Or from mom and dad?>

— No... — I kneel down and am about to put the dish down, but I stop a couple inches off the ground — We'll hear about them when they decide they're happy with the back-migration, don't... — stares.

Maekrite (licks paws) — <Yum...> — stares at me, blinks — <...What? Come on, give it to me already!>

— ...Hey...

Maekrite — <...What!>

Can I make you a personal question?

Maekrite (flattens ears) — <Like, now? I'm here for the food, please...> — tilts head.

You answer to me, you can have this cake...

-Maekrite complains about things being unfair and having not eaten since morning, then snorts and nods nonchalantly-

...Where did you go when we got back to Rt.35? The other Nidos were gathering with their mates and families...

Maekrite — <...>

...but you weren't there with your parents...

-Blinks and tries to swipe the saucer to get it, but I lift it out of his reach-

— Maekrite! — I swing the piece of cake before his eyes — Hey! You don't happen to have a mate, too, right? A little Nidorina hidden somewhere...?

Maekrite — <Bu-bu-t... nah...> — tries to keep his gaze at me.

Maekrite... truth or no cake. — I swing the dish in front of his eyes — I mean, come on, Inka was keeping you hidden from me in this timeline...

-He blushes a bit, he stare at each other, then I remember something-

Wait. Just... wait

-Maekrite tries to turn tail but I grab him by the neck, leaving the saucer by the side-

I know why you are hiding her.

Maekrite (gasps) — <Wh-What! It's not what you are thinking, I swear!> — raises paws — <I, we hadn't...damn...>

— Oh! So there's a we...

-smiling, I lift him further up-

— You sly rabbit. You'll have this cake if you spill the beans about her.

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Lake: <...>

Woolly: <N-No...She can't of...>

Unite: <Oh, Arceus...>
The Fastest Man Alive

-stands, and walks out of the Relic Castle-
83979 Anomalocaris2024th Aug 2011 05:54:51 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
I don't want any damn vegetables.

-Begins trying to fight back tears-
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83980 TracerBullet24th Aug 2011 05:56:06 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
<Hydreigon: "Eep.">

<Drapion: "Oh man, I hope that I don't ever have to go up against that...">


<Shaun: "... So she's really... Gone...">

<Teala: "... But how can we stop that madman?">

<Mike: "We'll be able to do it, no-">

<Buster: "'Nothing's impossible for a Wave Guardian,' we know... Now seriously, how on earth are we supposed to defeat a pair of corrupted gods?">

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83981 Lilqueendaisy24th Aug 2011 05:56:21 PM from Not Earth Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In love with love
Snow people
   THAT SON OF A-   

-has a heartburn so bad from too much rage that I faint preventing me from uttering foul mouthed words-

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"Wh-What is it!?"
-Not crying, not because of not being sad but because of the fact that I am about half-Deino-line I have no eyes to cry with-

So that's it then, I guess it's time to begin preparations...

-Altair helps Daisy up-

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It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
83983 stargirl9324th Aug 2011 05:59:17 PM from Zemuria Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
S-Rank Busybody

Oh wow ...

Guess I was right about the Heroic Sacrifice... :( Anyway, I have to go.
83984 Crewe24th Aug 2011 06:04:39 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
Li'l Punk
-buries my face in Epona's neck, who exchanges helpless looks with Katan-
Victory! Honor! Destiny! Mutton!
83985 rmctagg0924th Aug 2011 06:12:46 PM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer

Helios: <.....>

Muddy: <Tagg? Helios?>

-Pulls out a list and adds Cyrus' name to it-

I don't quite know what Cyrus did, but I plan to make him pay for it dearly.
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83986 TheMeddler24th Aug 2011 06:13:27 PM from America's East Coast Get RP Mod
What goes here, anyways?
-is doing her best to hold back tears-
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83987 gamerex2724th Aug 2011 06:15:59 PM from The Blag 'Ole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
83988 DarkerShining24th Aug 2011 06:23:03 PM from Norway Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
- Briar Rose sits in a corner, watching the trainers -

Briar Rose: (thinking) I know it seems bad, but... We never saw what happened to her... She could still be alive... Somehow... (sighs) But... where could she be?

- A few weeks ago, in another dimension -

- An unconscious DS lays on the ground, clearly worn out from battle -

???: <... Will she be okay?>

???: <She will. Don't worry.>

???: <...! Hey, I think she's waking up!>

- DS' fingers twitch slightly -


- DS' gasps in shock as her eyes shoot open, she sits up, confused and scared -

... Wha... What happened? Am I... dead?

- She presses her hand against her chest, feeling her heart still racing from what happened earlier -

No... Still alive... Somehow...

- I look around at my surroundings, everything is dark and unusually enough, most things seem to be completely still, as if frozen in time -

... W-where is this? Where am I!? What's going on!?

???: <Ssh... Calm down, DS.>

...! That voice...

- I turn to see Mesprit, as well as Uxie and Azelf, my eyes widen in shock -

Mesprit!? And Uxie and Azelf too!? W-why are you here? Where are we?

Uxie: <This is where... Cyrus had Dialga imprison the legendary Pokémon after the timeline was changed.>


Uxie: <You see... When Cyrus was trying to bring Dialga under his control, Palkia showed up, and tried to stop him before that could happen.>

Azelf: <Palkia sure was determined to save our brother... She even brought the Lustrous Orb with her!>

Uxie: <Palkia was the one who created this dimension, intending to imprison Cyrus within it. Unfortunatly, her attempt to stop him failed, and the shockwaves from Dialga's Roar of Time ended up forcing her into her own portal!>

- I sit there, staring blankly at the legendary Pokémon in front of me as I listen to what they have to say -

Uxie: <As Dialga used this dimension to imprison the rest of us, the dimension was warped until it's appearance changed to resemble a timeline that no longer exists.>

- I bury my face in my hands -

No... This is terrible...

Mesprit: (flies over to me, landing on my shoulder) <DS, please don't cry. There is still hope.>

- I look up at Mesprit -

... Huh?

Uxie: <You see, just before Palkia fell into the portal, she was able to make sure that there would be a possible way to escape from it, but only Palkia herself can open it so that we may escape.>

... Oh... S-so... you're looking for Palkia, then?

Uxie: (nods) <Yes. And since she is our sister, we can feel her presence. The signal is kind of faint, and far away from where we are now, but we can feel her.>

... I see.

Azelf: <... I'm guessing you'd like to come with us?>

- I nod my head -

Of course I am! There is no way I'm staying here when there are people out there who need me!

Azelf: (smiles) <Now that's the right attitude! Let us find our sister and escape from this horrible place!>

- Nods -


Mesprit: <Um... You might wanna change your shirt first.> (pointing towards my sweater, which is missing one of its sleeve, and has also gotten slightly torn up from while that vine was holding me in place before Dialga sent me here)

... Oh, right. (sighs) What a shame. This was my favourite shirt. Oh well.

- I make a quick change, changing out of the purple sweater and into a purple jacket I purchased during my travels in this timeline, putting it on outside a white t-shirt -

There, I'm ready to go!

Mesprit: <Oh, that looks good on you!>

Azelf: <Well, let's not waste time!>

Uxie: <Azelf is right, we have a long way ahead of us.>

- Nods -

Well, let's get going then.

- I begin walking, following the Lake Trio as they fly just ahead of me -

- Somehow, the faint glimmer of hope, in form of Palkia possibly being able to help us escape is enough to help me regain my determination, determined to return to my own world, defeat Cyrus, free Dialga and Celebi from his control, and finally, reunite with my friends and return everything to normal -

It's not over yet, Cyrus...
Woolly: <...Well, now what do we do?>

Lake: <...I dunno.>

-Lake hangs his head.-

Lake: <I can't believe it...He killed her...>

Unite: <Cyrus...That jerk. This is all his fault.>

Treeo: <That's true. This entire AU thing was his doing.>

Harriet: <I wonder...Did he know this would happen? Did he know that our world would be wrecked this badly?>

Flare: <I wouldn't put it pass him. He probably did it just to spite us.>

Unite: <...I say we kill him. Any objections?>
83990 DarkerShining24th Aug 2011 06:35:07 PM from Norway Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
HotStuff: (shakes her head) <N-no... We shouldn't kill him... Even if he was responsible for all this... DS wouldn't have wanted that...> (sniff)

Velvet: <Still, he must be punished what he put DS through... For what he put all of us through!>

Briar Rose: <Umm... Guys? May I point out that we never actually saw what happened to DS, she could possibly still be alive...>

Velvet: <Rose... Why do you keep doing this?>

Briar Rose: <Why won't you believe me!?> (sighs) <But... I guess there is no point in this...> (looks over at the trainers) <... You guys probably don't believe me either...>
Unite: <No. We should kill him. Because who's to say he won't break out and do this again? And I bet if he does, he'll make it worse next time.

It's not just that either, because of his actions, over FIFTY-THOUSAND people and countless more Pokémon died this week, guys! And it was all his fault.

So to be honest, I don't care if DS thinks he should live. He needs to die for what he's done here.>
83992 PippingFool24th Aug 2011 06:43:02 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Feathers and Bones

At the Ward

Hatbox: John Freeman got quiet, then droped wepon and said "i have to kill fast and bullet too slow!" and John Freeman started killing with bear hands!
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83993 Lilqueendaisy24th Aug 2011 06:43:45 PM from Not Earth Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In love with love
Snow people
-starts having a bad dream-

Zzzzzzzget over here coward... Stop hiding behind that blue dinosaur... Why is the green fairy evil? Fairies are meant to be nicezzzzz
"Wh-What is it!?"
83994 memyselfandI224th Aug 2011 06:45:04 PM from The Biosphere Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
-Every has wandered away from everyone else and is now looking for a possible way to get out of the HQ-
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83995 TracerBullet24th Aug 2011 06:49:21 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Hearing Unite-

<Shaun: "Technically, it was more than that...">

<Kammy: "I don't think that he needs to hear that right now...">
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83996 Lilqueendaisy24th Aug 2011 06:49:26 PM from Not Earth Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In love with love
Snow people

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"Wh-What is it!?"
83997 Mezzopiano24th Aug 2011 06:51:36 PM from That Cold Place Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
You're shivering. Are you afraid?

This would be easier if I had a map...

-stops and looks around-

Hey, where did Every go?
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83998 stargirl9324th Aug 2011 06:52:14 PM from Zemuria Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
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This is the same psycho that blew up Lake Valor. He needs to DIE.

...No, We can't Kill him. That would be too nice. He needs to suffer.

83999 Lilqueendaisy24th Aug 2011 06:54:25 PM from Not Earth Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In love with love
Snow people
-wakes up-

"Wh-What is it!?"
84000 memyselfandI224th Aug 2011 06:54:29 PM from The Biosphere Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
-Every is now walking down a long hall, checking the various doors for any sign of a way out of PEFE HQ-

Bed...Food storage...Zekrom playing computer games...


-Every backtracks a couple steps and looks through the door-


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Sometimes what's needed is a change in perspective.

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