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ITT: We are all Pokémon Trainers:


Joining notes:

We Are All Pokémon Trainers is a Pokémon Play-by-Post Game created by gamerex27 where all of the participants are Pokemon Trainers. The plot starts off with a Talking Heads bit about all the people randomly showing up in an airport headed to Sinnoh. Then Missingno shows up, turns Canalave City into a mountain of eggs, and Mewtwo shows up to tell the group that they need the help of Legendary Pokemon to defeat the Anomaly.

In an epic Fanverse which has so far included Giratina, Palkia, a pair of Mary Sues, a living Nuclear Emotion Bomb, three pokemon researchers, a former-NPC, a Mystery Man by the name of Pentigan, and basically the whole of Sinnoh and Unova, arcs are common and epicness ensues.

Has a Recap Page.

Please note: When an arc is getting towards its climax, it is best to stay on the sidelines until things quiet down for a bit. There will always be a chance for you to jump in, so please be patient and don't be shy!

Did you hear about those plane tickets to Unova that just opened up? Just got some for me and my Pokemon from Prof. Oak!

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 2 Malph, Mon, 7th Feb '11 10:00:00 PM from The middle of somewhere Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
All hail
Steven Stone gave me some tickets. He said he needed to go to Johto for some reason and gave me the tickets.
So, in the U.S., randomly stripping is a signal that you want to sing the national anthem? - That Human
I've yet to get any. Not sure if I should go now or wait to later. Can't say I like the prospect of introducing my Vulpy to new diseases and dangers....
"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."
Turns out there are 156 new Pokemon to catch indiginous to Unova. I just hope that my dex can hold all of that info....
I got tickets too and I'm heading to jhoto.

edited 8th Feb '11 12:44:50 PM by daisy

I am a very picky girl
I can't wait either... does anyone else think its kind of odd that when we were ten only 150 pokemon were known, but in just a few short years like 400 more were discovered?

edited 8th Feb '11 12:46:07 PM by Siranae

I just heard that some Pokemon rights activists got disbanded in Unova. thier leader just wanted control of all of them to himself.

I can see where they're coming from though- some trianers treat the mons like garbage. Haven't the been proven to be sentient yet?
Other trainers discuvered them before us....
I am a very picky girl
Oh, maybe that's it.

How many legendaries are there now? There must be loads!

And caught so there worthless....

-sees Jhoto-

Well Ill be going soon.
I am a very picky girl
I'm headed to Sinnoh. I hear there's a Old Chateu hidden in Eterna Forest.

I wonder who is going with me.....
I am a very picky girl
I would, but I've already been to the Ruins of Alph. Brilliant place. You should go there.

I heard that I can meet sinnoh pokemon in jhoto!

edited 8th Feb '11 1:00:10 PM by daisy

I am a very picky girl
I believe you can... Ooo Dragons Den! You must go there!

You should check out the piller in sinnoh its big!
I am a very picky girl
Aye, it's on my list.

Along with the lakes. I hear they're very ancient, and possibly have Pokemon hidden underneath them.

Be careful about those pokemon.

I heard some guys went to two of those lakes to see the pokemons and never reterned.
I am a very picky girl
Meh. I've got a party of six lv100s. I should be fine.

But they had level 100 too.....

-sees a noob holding ticket to sinnoh and swaps with him when hes not looking-
I am a very picky girl
 22 Pentigan, Tue, 8th Feb '11 2:06:21 PM from Summerland Get RP Mod Relationship Status:
-Walks into scene wearing tophat and shades with a Snivy in a matching outfit-

Who's up for a little battle? I've got a new strategy I've been working on.
-is holding my 2 pokeballs with a level 10 togepi and a level 30 charmileon-

edited 8th Feb '11 3:45:29 PM by daisy

I am a very picky girl
A Pheasant Experience
I can't believe the asinine policies that most professors have to Pokedex distribution. I mean, all of their data gets leaked onto the web days after the latest updates and we're still expected to wait go through months waiting for a little plastic box for data that any two-bit trainer with a web connection could look up. Why is it that people want those things anyways?

edited 8th Feb '11 4:54:50 PM by TheGinkei

And "Reality" is unveiled. What did it want...? What did it see...? What did it hear...? What did it think...? What did it do...?
[up] Don't know. Maybe they just want even more data on Pokemon Trainers catch for their research.

Did you hear about that kid in Sinnoh who actually CAUGHT Giritina? He controls the balances between worlds or something, right? What happens if he, or any other legendary Pokemon, with an important job get captured? Will they still be able to keep the world intact?
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