Tropers / Siranae

A relatively new Troper, Siranae has really only been working on fixing typos. Well, and also posting around the Forum Games thread.

This Troper Provides Examples Of:

  • CloudCuckooLander – Can be odd and random. Spends as much time in Cloudcukooland as she does in reality.
  • Does Not Understand Sarcasm – Happens a lot, but she can identify it in written form a lot better than in verbal form.
  • Horrible Judge of Character - It takes her about a year to figure out if someone is not a nice person.
  • Motor Mouth – Not even her parents can understand her at times.
  • Sorry I Fell on Your Fist – Has been in way too many situations where she has apologized after being hurt through no fault of her own. One happened shortly before this was written.
  • Sweet Tooth – Loves baked goods. Also, saying the word “truffle” around her will produce entertaining results.

Siranae is no longer occupied with work, so she is allowed to procrastinate as she pleases. Berating is no longer required. Thank you.


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