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Left Eye
Release Date: February 15th 2010

System: PSP

Genre: SRPG

Because I don't like digging for threads that have been dead for months. I decided to round up all the media and info released so far.

I know what you're thinking:

"It's just a remake, what's the big deal."

Well shut your fat face and listen, 'cause this isn't just a remake of a classic. It's THE remake.

The development team recreated this game with the thought "what if we made Tactics Ogre during the current generation?".

All of the content of the original with:

Lots of both major and optional narrative content that was cut from the original game. The first of which is new character Ravness Loxaerion.

After completing the game the player will unlock the W.O.R.L.D system, which allows one to go back to earlier events in the story that they've already experienced(with their current levels, equipment, and army intact) and see the outcome of different story choices without having to make a bunch of new save files.

Updated combat(in fact it's been updated so hard you could call it a completely different game, save for the basic systems in place):

  • Non-magic based Classes now have actual skills, making it easier to differentiate, say, a Warrior(which, as the most basic unit, has a bunch of general skills) from a Knight(has purely defensive skills and properties).
    • New classes(such as the Rogue) are being added.
    • Non-human units now have their own sets of classes, making them marginally more useful.

  • The game as a whole is more balanced.
    • Archers are no longer a Game-Breaker.
    • Thanks to the new natural Recovery Time of each different class replacing the speed stat it's much harder to make a unit that can run across a battlefield and destroy everything before everyone else even knows what's going on.

  • Permanent death still exists but has been nerfed in two different ways.
    • Once a units health reaches 0 said unit with have a counter appear over their head that starts at 3. If the timer counts down completely before said unit is revived or before the battle is over the unit will be incapacitated and unusable for the rest of battle.
    • A unit can still be used after battle if they have been incapacitated. But if it happens 3 times they die forever.

  • A new game mechanic called C.H.A.R.I.O.T, which allows players to rewind a battle by their last 50 turns. This mechanic was made specifically to help ease in less experienced players.

An re-translation by Alexander O. Smith(AKA the greatest Japanese game translator/localizer of all time).

The free post-game DLC from the Japanese version has been integrated as part of the full game for the English release, meaning you don't have to download anything.

The game retains the same sprite based graphics but with newly added special effects, a beautiful new user interface, and 3D maps that can shift between the normal isometric view and a top-down chessboard view.

Updated art.

And finally, a re-arranged soundtrack:

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Smith is the guy behind The PSP Tactics and Final Fantasy XII's translation, right?

I don't have a PSP but I might think about getting one next pay day for this. What I played of Tactics Ogre on the GBA was really enjoyable.

I'm not sure if that was the intention or not, but the outfit of the character you linked to definitely reflects that this remake was conceived in the current generation.
Left Eye
He didn't handle Final Fantasy Tactics. But he did do Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII.

Was that comment about the character supposed to be backhanded? I can't tell. :I

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Whoa. Sweet trailer and music.

Are they trying to dip into the fount of Fire Emblem european-fantasy SRP Gs?
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6 ShirowShirow1st Feb 2011 07:22:09 PM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Yes! Finally! Ogre Battle was a part of my childhood! Huge armies clashing against eachother on the great plains of battle! Heroes and villains in a fight to the finish! Mystical creatures battling it out and sewing chaos among the frontlines! Strategy and...

*Looks at consoles. Doesn't find a PSP.*


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He'd want you do be doing something awesome right now.
Left Eye
Are they trying to dip into the fount of Fire Emblem european-fantasy SRP Gs?
What do you mean?
crazy and proud of it
[up][up][up] The first version of Tactics Ogre was released for the SNES. It was apparently such a strong classic that the development team was bought out by Squaresoft to do Final Fantasy Tactics.

Sorry, I'm slightly excited.
Left Eye
I've been excited for this since the day I was born. You can't even begin to imagine!
11 dmysta30002nd Feb 2011 07:35:30 AM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Big Smoky
Didn't really like Final Fantasy Tactics, but I think I'll still check this out...

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12 ccoa2nd Feb 2011 12:34:14 PM from the Sleeping Giant
Ravenous Sophovore
There was very little actual gameplay in that so-called gameplay trailer...

I missed this game the first time around. I like the art style and I'm a sucker for a good Strategy RPG, so I'll probably give this a try. Hopefully the story and gameplay hold up to modern standards.
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crazy and proud of it
The storyline is definitely there. It's even more gritty than that of Final Fantasy Tactics, and even more applicable to real life than the Fantastic Nuke allegories of Final Fantasy XII. Knowledge of the real-life Cold War and The Yugoslav Wars will help.

Gameplay is said to be easier than the original version, which means that the game is definitely playable by modern gamers.
Left Eye
Yeah, I only just found out recently that Tactics Ogre was partially based on The Yugoslav Wars.

Denam's name change suddenly makes a lot of sense.

And unlike Final Fantasy Tactics, which is half political drama half "save the world from demons", Tactics Ogre is full on politics.

There was very little actual gameplay in that so-called gameplay trailer...

The trailer was ripped from gametrailers.com, who have a tendency to call anything with even a tiny gameplay clip in it a gameplay trailer. The official name for the trailer from SE is just "Fate" or something like that.

This one is almost entirely gameplay from early parts of the Japanese version, starts off with a bit of narration:

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Loved this game when I was a kid, largely because any game whose prologue hinged on whether or not you torched a city and thus were either branded a traitor or a psychopath depending on what you did meant that I was in for some real heavy shit.

Shame the game had some real weird difficulty though; mages were crap because you could only carry roughly 3 spells, and if your guys were like one or two levels lower than the enemy you'd take triple damage, and had to spend hours training. Hope they balanced that in the remake.

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Kind of strange that an early trailer like that would be narrated in English. Does this game have a stronger following in the west than it does in its home country?
Left Eye
[up]Not that I know of.

Also the narration is in-game. You get a bit of it before each chapter. Some of it is voiced by Simon Templeman(as with that video), but I've heard there was a female narrator as well.

[up][up]The remake is definitely more beginner friendly.

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I hope it is still challenging. I was disappointed with the two handheld FF Tactics titles because of their dumb AI and reduced difficulity compared to the original. (Along with that stupid law system, of course)
I bought a PSP just for this game. It's in the mail, arrives next week.

That cinematic trailer was incredible. I thought War of the Lions had beautiful cutscenes, this jumped it up another level.

BTW, you may be pleased to note that the female narrator will be none other than Kate Higgins.
Left Eye
[up]I have only ever experienced Kate Higgins in Sonic Colors, but I trust in Smith's ability to hire the right voice actors so I'm sure she'll be good.
crazy and proud of it
Just pre-ordered my copy.

The game was so popular in Japan that it is on Famitsu's top-10 games of all time. Then again, Famitsu is merely a magazine, but that's still indicative of some amount of popularity.

If we're lucky, the USA version will have a hard mode or something, but it's not likely.
Left Eye
[up]No hard mode.

First two reviews:Game Informer


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Please tell me the text isn't ALL CAPS like the screenshots indicate.
Left Eye
It is for dialogue. I really don't know why, since everything else is normal.

Someone on another forum said it looked like everyone was screaming at each other and now I can't stop imagining it. [lol]

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Yeah... Looks like I'll have to pass on this one.

Not :P

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