Quartett! (Littlewitch VN, now with fan translation):

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1 dorkatlarge23rd Jan 2011 06:43:49 AM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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It took a while, but Littlewitch's adult visual novel Quartett! now has a full fan translation.

Like other products created by Littlewitch, Quartett! has a visual style similar to comics. There are dialogue bubbles, and there are very few of the static poses seen in other visual novels. Likewise, while this game has sexual content, it is not driven by sex, and can be classified as Plot with Porn.

A few years ago, Quartett! received a very positive review. The domain is no longer active, so the site's images don't work, and in order to see the text, you may need to use "select all" on your browser.

This is the first Littlewitch visual novel with a full Fan Translation. (One of the company's other titles, Period, has a partial translation.) The translator states that a few menus and images are not translated, but that it should be easy to understand. The translation patch should work with both the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Windows versions of Quartett!
Huh. This looks pretty cool; I'll have to play it sometime.

Though that review heaped on the praise something fierce, making me a little wary of its bias.
I'm reading it now. It's very entertaining and has great presentation and artwork.

I just wish there was a walkthrough, I'm worried that I'm going to screw up.
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4 AzureGrimoire14th Jul 2011 03:48:03 AM from Divergence 1.20983%
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I played this and it's beautiful! Going for Charlotte's route...
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You made me think of a Madoka VN with Charlotte as a heroine and it made me smile.
6 Kayeka14th Jul 2011 04:05:15 AM from Amsterdam , Relationship Status: Brony
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Whelp, downloaded the patch. now trying to find the game itself. Perfectly Legal Means, obviously.
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7 dorkatlarge14th Jul 2011 05:50:43 PM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Regarding what Kayeka said, it's surprisingly tough to find a legit copy of Quartett! for Windows. Worse yet, if you torrent it, there's always the risk that the file might include malware.

Only a few online retailers stock Japanese PC games. Himeya / Erogeshop used to be the best import source, but their store shut down a while back. So if you're looking, then you might want to ask J-List if they can help you special order it. Otherwise, use this guide to importing from Japanese sites and auctions: http://www.relentlessness.com/blog/2010/02/a-guide-to-using-tenso-purchasing-directly-from-japanese-online-stores
"Torrents have malware!" is just alarmism at its silliest. Torrents rarely have viruses and junk in them unless you're downloading a file with suspiciously few downloads, and even if a more legitimate-seeming torrent has malware stuck in it, most virus programs can detect it in the download, and even then a good program like Malware Bytes can get rid of almost all viruses and such.

Here. All of these files are virus free, all are in English (or come with patches) and the site itself regularly updates. No need for searching for torrents any more, for the most part. I will warn that since most of erogedownload's files are from file sharing sites that aren't torrent-based, downloading can be slow some of the time.

Disclaimer (tm): I am in absolutely no way endorsing piracy of products notoriously difficult or in some cases impossible to acquire through imports from a country far removed from the North American continent and for prices that are completely ridiculous by pretty much all standards.

But seriously, if you can, buy stuff from Manga Gamer for what they've translated. The only reason I haven't is because I'm honestly too poor. I lie prostrate every time Steam has one of its awesome sales.

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9 neobowman27th Nov 2011 02:40:11 AM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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I'm playing through this and I'm really surprised there hasn't been much discussion about it. It has a really distinctive art style and it's very nice. And Juni's awesome.

An example of the art. And why Juni's awesome. Every line and picture is done in a similar style to this.
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