YMMV / Zombie Panic In Wonderland

  • Angst? What Angst? : You know, Momotaro and Dorothy don't seem awfully upset that they were forced to shoot their zombified friends.
    • Somewhat subverted by Momotaro, whose constant goal is to help his friends and is seen with a saddened face at the reveal of who caused the zombie panic.
  • Anti Climax Boss : Prince Charming. After the first two bosses, you’d be correct in thinking the last guy would be the cherry on top of the boss-fight sundae, but it isn’t.
    • This has been changed in the mobile ports with the noted boss with faster attack speed and a new tough boss at the end of the Alice levels.
    • For the 3DS DX port, Charming becomes a multi-stage final boss with old and new forms. The new attacks help this boss become a difficult, but a more proper cherry on top kind of fight.
  • Goddamned Bats : The Frogs What Throw Fish Heads and their jester counterparts. You will LEARN to despise them.
    • Due to the lack of Wiimote sensitivity towards the top of the screen, the Creepy Ravens can become this too.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks : Only six levels, with three bosses and five playable characters. One of the only real drawbacks to the game.
    • Slightly alleviated in the 3DS DX port, as the originally bonus Alice in Wonderland levelsnote  became part of the plot with a few new cutscenes to boot!
  • That One Level : The Shipyard. Holy hat, the Shipyard.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion : In a shooter full of girls as main characters, you'd be excused in thinking Momotaro was one of them.