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Video Game: Zombie Panic In Wonderland
Describe Zombie Panic in Wonderland.

Describe Zombie Panic in Wonderland, huh? Are you sure you can handle it? CAN YOU?

Okay then.

Not long before this game, there was a little-known gem crafted for the Nintendo DS called Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, a quirky fairytale-themed shooter game that also revolved around a Zombie Apocalypse situation. Many of the people who developed that game went on to form another group, Akaoni, who would go on and develop this WiiWare Download game. While not a direct sequel, Zombie Panic carries everything that Zombie BBQ had from the DS to the Wii.

The game begins with Momotaro, a Japanese fairytale character, stopping by a quiet village that appears to be abandoned. However, he is quickly attacked by zombies, and the game’s story really begins. Along the way, Momotaro discovers that his friends (The monkey, pheasant, and dog) aren’t immune to the zombie virus and succumbed to the undead mayhem. Momotaro then sets off to find other survivors, the cause of this mess, and if he’s lucky, an antidote.

The gameplay of Zombie Panic is a fixed Third-Person Shooter, with the player (Or players) strafing along the foreground, shooting up the enemies assaulting from the rest of the scenery. By killing zombies and blowing up buildings, the player fills a “Cleanup” meter; once the meter reaches 100%, the player wins and advances to the next stage. It might sound simple in written form, but in practice, the game knows just how many zombies to throw at you; add in a timer, and each stage becomes a delightful little slice of chaos for you and a friend to enjoy.

Zombie Panic, upon its release, actually managed to impress some critics with its goofy charm, beautiful graphics (It’s easily the finest-looking WiiWare game available), catchy music, and chaotic gameplay. The only real downsides to the game were its short length, and that two of the three featured bosses were lackluster when compared to the first. Still, this game is an enjoyable title, and we get the feeling that it’ll end up becoming obscure. Life is like that.

Roughly two years later, the game received an Updated Re-release port for the iOS systems on March 1, 2011.

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The Original WiiWare Version Provides Examples Of:

The iOS/Android Port adds the following tropes:

World of GooWii Ware    
VortexThird-Person Shooter    
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ZenoniaAndroid GamesZombies Run
Zombie PanicZombie StoriesZombies Ate My Neighbors

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