YMMV / X-Men: Next Dimension

  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • One bug on Sabretooth may allow you to throw your opponent without actually making contact with them - though often without any actual damage. Maybe he developed telekinesis as a secondary mutation.
    • Beast can do the same.
    • There were tons of 'em. One such bug transported both players permanently into the dimension Nightcrawler travels to in his Lvl 4 Super. This renders the opponent incapable of attacking until either the end of the round or the super attack is done again. A more benign but infinitely more awesome version has both players continue to fight in the psychedelic realm for the remainder of the match.
    • The levels have several 'glitch points' where the player can breach the Invisible Walls - most characters can charge, jump, teleport or even walk into them.
  • Nostalgia Filter: The game is buggy as all get out, let's just admit that. But damn if it isn't awesome.