YMMV / Wonder Boy

The series in general

  • Market-Based Title
    • The Mark III version was titled Super Wonder Boy, presumably to distinguish it from the earlier SG-1000 version released exclusively in Japan, since the Mark III was backwards-compatible with all SG-1000 games (also doubles as an Updated Re-release, as two extra areas were added and the dolls were given purpose besides points).
    • For some reason, the Game Gear version (based on the above release) was titled Revenge of Drancon in North America (it was simply called Wonder Boy everywhere else).
  • More Popular Spin-off: The Monster World sub-series. There's a reason why the PS2 compilation was titled the Monster World: Complete Collection and not the Wonder Boy Collection.

Wonder Boy

  • Demonic Spiders: The frogs (which are extremely hard to hit before they jump into you) and the literal spiders that appear in droves in later stages.
  • Goddamned Bats: Bees, rocks, bats, octopuses, swordfishes, etc.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

  • Porting Disaster: The Amiga version had stumpy graphics and tinny sound, did not label shop doors, and had a small play area to fit the status border. (The Master System version instead compressed the HUD into a small bar and put the rest of the info in a pause menu, resulting in a much more playable screen size.)

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

  • Porting Disaster: The Mega Drive version had its graphics horribly mutilated, even worse music than the arcade version, and five stages were removed due to lack of ROM space.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap