YMMV / Monster World IV

  • Moe: Asha is ridiculously cute, especially in some of her animations.
  • Player Punch: The game pulls one off on you after the Ice Pyramid. The corrupted queen's Pepelogoo fires a missile at you, and then your Pepelogoo takes the missile, putting him out of action for the rest of the game, complete with Asha crying over the loss of her companion.
  • That One Achievement: Every Last Drop in the PS3 and 360 ports of the game. This requires collecting every Life Drop in the game, with the problem being that a number of them are very well-hidden throughout the game, can possibly be Guide Dang It! and are easily lost if you don't get them before clearing each stage.
  • That One Level: The Ice Pyramid. It's a maze with icy floors, hidden doors, spear traps and annoying enemies all over the place. Inventory Management Puzzle also comes into play as you need to reserve at least five spaces in your inventory for the statues, serving as an additional problem if you like to hoard gold bars and herbs.