YMMV / Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

  • Ear Worm:
    • The Boss Dragons' battle song.
    • This installment is well known among the fan community as having some of the most memorable music in the series.
    • The 2017 remake not only keeps the original soundtrack as a retro option, but the remixed soundtrack includes multiple remixes for certain tracks to better suit certain locations - the Boss Dragons in particular each have their own variant of the boss battle theme.
  • Older Than They Think: Yellow/gold-colored enemies and rare and collectable charm stones first appeared in the Fan Remake by Vile1011 released in 2007 before returning in the official 2017 remake.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Lizard-Man has the unique features of using a ranged attack instead of a sword, being impervious to lava, using his head to break blocks instead of using a weapon and being able to duck. Despite that, none of his abilities were used in any unique way during the game, and he is the only form that goes unused in the final dungeon. In fact, the only area where Lizard-Man can make use of being impervious to lava is exactly the place where he doesn't need to go, and going in anyway is a waste of time because of the obstacles set immediately after that part being tailored for two other transformations (the mid-game Piranha-Man and the endgame Hawk-Man), and the loooong haul back to the Hub City.
      • The 2017 remake however gives Lizard-Man his own secret mini-dungeon to acquire a charm stone, using one of his unique properties in a puzzle... to bad it's to hinder solving it.
    • The Hu-Girl in the 2017 remake. After all the media buzz about the remake featuring a selectable female protagonist, it might be disappointing to see that once she gets cursed halfway through the playable prologue, she doesn't look any different from her male counterpart, and even the end credits still refer to her animal forms as "[animal]-man", making this addition very inconsequential and borderline pointless.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: While cute, Mouse-Man can be a painful experience:
    • His hit-detection radius is appropriately tiny, and this problem is made even worse if you accidentally bring him across the Underground and into the Samurai castle instead of Lion-Man (easy to do if, say, you don't remember the breakable block in the well house, that leads to the transformation room). The enemies, especially blue Oni monsters, will make mincemeat out of you... assuming you even make it there, with a character who cannot block ghosts' fireballs.
    • His mini-Bonus Dungeon is also more frustrating than, say, Hawk-Man's and Lizard-Man's: In addition to the gauntlet of enemies, it has a series of precise jumps in a screen right above said enemies. Fail a single jump, and you have to go through the now-respawned enemies all over again before you can attempt the series of precise jumps anew.