YMMV / Witch Girls Adventures

  • Alternate Character Interpretation - For the game itself. Darkly comedic fantasy adventure with underlying themes of female empowerment and self discovery or a grim allegory for the ways the older generation draws the youth into its twisted power games? But then, given the average fa/tg/uy's attitude toward feminism, most would probably tell you these interpretations are hardly exclusive.
  • Draco in Leather Pants - The Malleus Maleficarum gets this among critics of the setting, because of how self-centered the witches can be, combined with the ability to act on this bitchiness through Baleful Polymorph, disintegration, and casual murder. In the actual canon, they're an evil gang whose tragic experiences with witches lead them to consider merely being a witch a crime punishable by death, and will gladly kill witches who aren't evil and use their powers for the benefit of others or in self-defense, or children who don't know any better than to turn people they don't like into toads just because they can.