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Webcomic: Dark Dungeons Light Bot
Dark Dungeons, Light Bot is an Interactive Comic about a tabletop RPG player named Ken Matthew. Along with his fellow players, Charles and Henry, he discovers that the game they're playing is rather real. Not that it's a bad thing, of course. You can find it here.

Dark Dungeons contains examples of:

  • Art Evolution: Ken in the second update looks different than in the first, and by the third and a half panel he has a shine in his hair.
  • Clock King: Charles' Chronolocation ability allows him to know exactly what time it is. It hasn't come into play yet, though.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Henry thinks that the first thing they should do after their first training is to fight a dragon. He only considers it a bad idea after realizing that the dragon might burn his hat.
    • He can't even tell what species he is!
  • How Do I Shot Web?: While learning the spell Firestorm, Ken lights his arm on fire.
  • RoboticReveal: Ken aka Light Bot turns out to be the actual Light Bot himself. This is only confirmed to be a surprise to the audience. Maybe.
  • Shout-Out: The players reference online flash games. Ken is Light-Bot, Charles is Chronotron, and Henry is Pursuit of Hat.
    • Turns out they are the main characters of the works.
  • Urban Fantasy: With a hint of Science Fantasy, if the author's signature is to be believed.
    • And now it's confirmed!

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