Quotes / Witch Girls Adventures

"You get the Witches young, and teach them dangerous magic well before they're mature enough to handle it. They're guaranteed to abuse it, probably on mortals. This effectively cuts them off from mortal life; their options are to consider mortals subhuman animals, or face the shame of what they've done. This will keep witches secret, as well; by ensuring every witch has done terrible things to mortals, you ensure that none of them are willing to reveal what they are and what they've done."

"Did anyone catch the interview with the teenaged Cartel assassin on NPR? It's the same pattern."

"Witch Girls is a game of mindfuckery, blackmail, political machinations, and assassination, in which elders jaded by centuries of cruelty manipulate morally infantile magical delinquents."
—The fa/tg/uys give us their take on it.