YMMV / Wereworld

  • Complete Monster: As a High Fantasy series, there are villains that stand out over the rest:
    • Vala the Wereserpent is the self-proclaimed goddess of the cannibalistic Wyldermen, who offer her human and Werecreature alike. Defeated by Drew, she plotted her revenge against him and those he cares. First she killed and impersonated the crone Baba Korga, pretending to be an ally of Whitley and using her to enter Five Oaks unnoticed. During her 'friendly talk' with Whitley she revealed her biggest atrocity, during the journey she devoured innocent Romari children when no one was watching. She then explains her intentions of turning the Dyrewood into her realm, where she and the Wyldermen can kill and eat with impunity. She also mentioned her plan of using Whitley as bait to attract Drew, and in an act of "mercy", she promises to kill Whitley quickly after she had dispatched Drew. Prideful, petty, and convinced that she had the right to kill and devour whenever she wanted, she saw humans as nothing but food and other Therianthropes as weaklings.
    • Count Kesslar the Weregoat was exiled by his good-hearted cousin Baron Ewan for his crimes, including slavery. Returning several years later he imprisoned the people of Haggard with the intention of selling several of them into slavery. When his plans were frustrated by Drew, he killed the defenseless Lord Dorn out of spite. Capturing Drew some time after, he sold the young Werewolf to the wicked Lord Ignus to fight as a gladiator. When Drew doesn't perform as expected, he tosses his second-in-command Djogo to the arena, despite the pleads of Lady Shah, responding that no one is truly free under him. When Drew leads the slaves in rebellion, he simply escapes. When the Werehawks successfully take back their home, he leaves his so-called friend Skeer to his fate. When cornered by Drew, he pretends to surrender and tries to strangle him when he lowers his guard. Cruel, ruthless and driven by Greed, he tried to bribe The Behemoth as a desperate final act, only for the Weremammoth to kill him in disgust.
    • High Lord Oba is The Patriarch of the Pantherlords and father of Onyx and Opal. He's the one who manipulated High Lords Leon and Tigara into exiling Tigara's granddaughter Taboo for killing her lover, (a crime Onyx committed), and tried to kill Opal for divulging the truth. Ordering his son to kill his sister if they ever saw each other, when Onyx died in battle, he didn't even pretends to be sad, and convinces the Lionlords Luc and Lex into attacking the Wolf's army despite a previous agreement. During the Final Battle, he proclaimed his intensions of enslaving all of Lyssia's humans as a way of 'reminding them their place' underneath the Catlords.
    • Prince Lucas is Drew's half-brother and everything Drew is not. Always a Spoiled Brat and an apprentice Necromancer, he began to lose his sanity after he murdered Lord Broghan in front of his cousin, and former fiancee, Lady Gretchen under Opal's instructions. He goes downhill the moment he murders his father Leopold under the other Catlords' orders. His interest in Black Magic leads him to work with the Wylderman Darkheart to create the Wyld Wolves, who slaughter the Sturmlands' army, an act that disgusts the other Werelords. He then murders Duke Henrik to "save" Lord Onyx after he honorably accepted his defeat at his Combat by Champion. When he finds out that Gretchen's in the Dalelands he leads his Wyld Wolves in a bloody campaign to get her, killing several innocents in the process. He undoubtedly crosses the Moral Event Horizon by killing Lord Milo in front of Trent, partially eating him. When his grandfather Leon punishes him for killing his father and tries to get him to regain some honor, he murders his grandfather as well. When he arrives to Icegarden to kill Hector for killing his mother, Vincent retorts that he's only here settle a petty grudge towards Hector for always being smarter than him. Vicious and insane, throughout the books he devolved from a simple Royal Brat, to a cannibalistic Serial Killer.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Hector either crosses it when he tries to kill Vega, or when he changes his mind about sparing 9 year old Pick.