YMMV / V/H/S/2

  • Fridge Brilliance: The title of Tape 49 seems meaningless until you realize that the wraparound from the previous film was titled Tape 56. The events of Tape 56 are briefly referenced, suggesting that the tape order isn't chronological, but a countdown.
  • Narm: In "Safe Haven" a character runs through the compound halls through a room of undead schoolkids into the hallway, and as his camera spins around we see more undead cultists in the hall and catch a good long glimpse of... a couple having loud doggy-style sex in a completely bloodsoaked room.
    • The line "I'm pregnant, and you're the father!" is delievered so matter-of-factly after a conversation that naturally implies it that it sounds more like a parody of a soap opera instead of natural character dialog.
    • Not to mention "Papa."
    • None of the characters, excluding Jen, seem to be that terrified of the aliens in Slumber Party Alien Abduction. They give off monotone reactions and the impression that they are more or less bored to death by the aliens rather than scared.
      • The third jumpscare, where the aliens go after Gary, Tank, and Jen. It is nowhere near as effective as the first two, and comes off as funny rather than terrifying.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Now has its own page.
  • Shocking Swerve: "Safe Haven" has no supernatural elements at all, and the horror comes from the suicide cult ...until a corpse crawls across the ceiling and a dude explodes.
    • Slumber Party Alien Abduction starts off fairly lighthearted, with two teenagers playing with their dog, having their friends come over for the titular slumber party, and pranking their older sister and her boyfriend with water guns and strobe lights ...but then the aliens arrive.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: It received a considerably better reception than the original film.
    • Having characters whom are flawed yet likable certainly helped.
  • Special Effects Failure: The birthing effects and the final appearance of the demon at the end of "Safe Haven" are a bit dodgy.
    • In Slumber Party Alien Abduction, during Jen's abduction, one of the Alien actors' eyes is illuminated by the strobe light, though is difficult to spot the first time watching.
  • Tear Jerker: The very last scene of Slumber Party Alien Abduction, which lingers on an injured or dying Tank after he takes a two-story fall. Anyone who loves dogs will probably have a hard time watching it.
    • Similarly, the ending of "A Ride in the Park" - the cyclist accidentally butt-dials his girlfriend, whose voice reminds him of who he used to be long enough to commit suicide so he won't harm anyone else.