Funny / V/H/S/2

  • In Phase I Clinical Trials, when Clarissa tells Herman that she can hear her ghost uncle and Herman watches him, Clarissa immediately starts having sex with Herman to (presumably) squick her uncle out. Once Herman recovers and she's fallen asleep, he goes to the bathroom, looks in the mirror, and orders the scientists recovering the data to not watch it, but also send him a copy.

  • In A Ride in the Park, the protagonist, after turning into a zombie, goes and gnaws on his own arm and immediately spits out the chunk of flesh as if disgusted. Then the zombie protagonist gnaws on the wallet of the guy he just killed and immediately throws it away in disgust. Then he starts eating the man's entrails and makes satisfied groans.
    • And when the victim calmly sits up, having zombified himself, he just looks between his partner and the protagonist with a look like "...were you just eating me?"
    • A Papa Wolf at the birthday party shelters a gaggle of little girls into a car to safety, all well fending off the zombified protagonist with a barbecuing meat-fork. His apron proclaims, "Don't mess with the chef."

  • The ending of Safe Haven which also crosses into Nightmare Fuel. That goat thing saying Papa.

  • Gary, Randy, Shawn, and Danny pranking Jen and her boyfriend, Zack, during the first few minutes of Slumber Party Alien Abduction. They spray water guns filled with urine at Jen, Zack, and their friends at the lake. Later at night, they then bombard the two as they are making out with a boombox and party lights.
    • Jen and Zack get back at Randy by catching him jerking off to a porno. They use Randy's method of attaching the camera to Tank, then send him into the room to catch Randy in the act. His reaction is that of embarrassment and irritation.
    Jen: Caught you sticky-handed you little come-dick!
    Randy: You ruined my life! Please give me the camera!