• Creepy Cute: Lily from "Amateur Night".
  • Cry for the Devil: A more literal example than most, as it seems that Lily, a succubus - or, well, SOMETHING - in disguise, was quite sincere about liking Clint, and actually seems to be suppressing her tendencies to pair up with him. Then Lisa passes out, and Lily gives into her tendencies when Shane presses the issue. The portion in the stairwell is what underscores this most, as she seems genuinely bereaved by his lack of erotic interest in her.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Any sound the camera makes whenever the glitch entity shows up in "Tuesday the 17th".
  • Genius Bonus: At no point is the creature from Amateur Night referred to by anything other than a given name, so viewers are left to wonder just what she was. But with the taloned feet, wings and split face, it is fairly clear that she is a Succubus.
    • And her name, Lily. It sounds an awful lot like Lilith, a name for the bird-footed woman in Mesopotamian culture.
    • Jossed; not only did the V/H/S filmmakers not intend her to be any mythical creature, but Si REN takes it further - her species mates for life.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Lily from "Amateur Night". Even before she starts killing off the other characters, there's just something off about her. The way she appears in the background during the bar scenes also adds to the creepiness.
  • Paranoia Fuel: "Second Honeymoon". Imagine a total stranger, breaking and entering into your room every time you go to sleep, stealing your money, filming and fondling your sleeping girlfriend, slitting your throat and even sticking your toothbrush into the toilet.
    • Sometime, a lilith might take an interest in you. Unless you're straight/bisexual, single, willing to live in the wild and willing to be violated anally... that's too bad.
      • Si REN - Lily has incubus traits. Male liliths probably exist, if their genders aren't superficial
  • The Woobie: Emily, from The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger. Being used for some sort of alien experiment that her boyfriend is in on, and being diagnosed with Schizophrenia in order to not discover the truth.