Headscratchers: V/H/S

  • In the first segment, why did Lily (the succubus) appear all screwed-up in the face when she tries to get the camera-guy aroused, when it's common knowledge that succubi appear beautiful enough to seduce men easily?

    • I don't know, this Troper thought she was kinda hot, in a screwed-up way.
    • Possibly a succubus's ability to look beautiful is an illusion rather than shapeshifting, and Clint had already seem through her disguise so couldn't be fooled again?
      • Or maybe she only looked that way to the camera in the glasses, because the illusion fools eyes not technology. In which case, Clint may well have seen what looked like a perfectly-human woman tearing up his friends, not by the inhuman features the audience got to see.

  • It's understandable that the other clips would be on VHS tapes, but who the heck transfers a Skype conversation from digital format to VHS? Shouldn't the housebreaker who played "Sick Thing" have cued it up off a disk instead?
    • It's never made clear even HOW the tapes are all collected anyways, let alone how some of the footage on the smaller non-vhs cameras is recovered and transferred. A friend of mine has a working theory tying in that some cosmic horror just has the tapes appear, but I'm skeptical.
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