Headscratchers / V/H/S

  • In the first segment, why did Lily (the succubus) appear all screwed-up in the face when she tries to get the camera-guy aroused, when it's common knowledge that succubi appear beautiful enough to seduce men easily?

    • I don't know, this Troper thought she was kinda hot, in a screwed-up way.
    • Possibly a succubus's ability to look beautiful is an illusion rather than shapeshifting, and Clint had already seem through her disguise so couldn't be fooled again?
      • Or maybe she only looked that way to the camera in the glasses, because the illusion fools eyes not technology. In which case, Clint may well have seen what looked like a perfectly-human woman tearing up his friends, not by the inhuman features the audience got to see.
    • It's pop-culture cliche, not "common knowledge". Nothing along those lines is mandated in the Judeo-Christian mythoi from which succubi (by that specific name, anyway) originate - they just steal the semen of sleeping men, no "seduction" necessarily required. Other, similar beings in other belief systems and mythologies may or may not have that trait. Even putting real-world mythology aside, how a given piece of fiction could portray succubi is as diverse as how one could portray any other fictional monsters without being "wrong". Perhaps more importantly to the root of it, though: When did the movie ever say what she was, let alone that she was specifically a succubus? Lastly, hey, speak for your own beauty standards.
    • Siren (2016) reveals, as the V/H/S filmmakers intended, Lily is NOT a succubus (her species mates for life)

  • It's understandable that the other clips would be on VHS tapes, but who the heck transfers a Skype conversation from digital format to VHS? Shouldn't the housebreaker who played "Sick Thing" have cued it up off a disk instead?
    • It's never made clear even HOW the tapes are all collected anyways, let alone how some of the footage on the smaller non-vhs cameras is recovered and transferred. A friend of mine has a working theory tying in that some cosmic horror just has the tapes appear, but I'm skeptical.