YMMV / Uncle Sam

  • Anvilicious:
    • The heroes are a crippled veteran who regrets his service and a draft-dodger. The villain is the reanimated corpse of a Sociopathic Soldier (who's actually more of a mercenary then a soldier) who is so jingoistic that he dresses as a national symbol and kills anyone he feels disgraces the nation. It's obvious how the filmmakers feel about political stances.
    • And in just in case you somehow managed to miss the obvious messages, the kid burns his army figures at the end.
  • Complete Monster: "Uncle" Sam Harper is an undead Sociopathic Soldier who murders anyone he deems even remotely unpatriotic. He repeatedly molested his younger sister Sally as a child, was an intimidating presence in high school, and frequently beat his wife after he was married. As a mercenary door gunner in The Gulf War he was shot down by friendly fire, and killed two of the soldiers who found him dying in the desert. When he returns to life, Sam starts killing the unpatriotic in gruesome ways, such as decapitating a peeping tom; burying a vandal alive; lynching another one from a flagpole; killing a draft dodger with a hatchet to the face; decapitating a third vandal; frying a woman's face for smoking weed; and turning a corrupt Congressman into a human fireworks display. His nephew, Jody, lures him outside to be destroyed for good, and Sam was ready to ensure he dies with him. A sadistic, deranged psychopath from the start, Sam filled his nephew's head with lies about "the American way" that he didn't even believe in and only used his alleged Patriotic Fervor as an excuse to exercise his violent urges.
  • Critical Research Failure: School, in July.
    • Could be summer school.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Post-9/11, the film's themes became quite relevant again.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Timothy Bottoms plays a character who fled the country as a protest of The Vietnam War. Bottoms would later play George W. Bush (who was famously pro-war) on That's My Bush! and the TV movie DC 9/11: Time of Crisis.
    • He also played the lead in the film version of Johnny Got His Gun, which was made to capitalize on the popularity of the novel during the Vietnam War.
  • Memetic Molester: Sam; there's even an an Easter egg in one of the DVD releases that shows a montage of his more... dubious moments.
  • Narm: The title drop by Sam near the end of the movie. His raspy voice doesn't help make it any less ridiculous.
    Sam: Americans? These are the same people that left me to die in the desert. Well now ... now they've gotta face ME. Your ... uncle ... SAM!
  • Narm Charm:
    • Sam shuffling after Willie (the Uncle Sam on stilts) in the middle of the night.
    • Really, the whole idea of a guy dressed as Uncle Sam on a murder spree would be ridiculous were it not for the Uncanny Valley nature of his costume, or his disturbing backstory.
  • Squick: Sam pinning his medals to his rotted flesh.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Uncle Sam mask is even more unsettling than Sam's actual appearance.