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YMMV: Toshimitsu Deyama
  • Ho Yay: From the very beginning of his career he has played with the Leather Man trope being one of the most Hell-Bent for Leather members of X Japan, even more so than the Badass Biker-themed Taiji. He also brought much of the band's fanservice arguably having done male/male fanservice with every member of the band onstage. Post his divorce, his return to being the most leather-clad person in the band, his adoption of The Bear and "samurai" aesthetics, and writing at least one song for his solo career as a Love Confession for Yoshiki, another about "pride of man," and another with an incredibly obvious Uranus double entendre... if he's not gay or male-preferring bisexual, he is the master of pretending to be.
  • Loony Fan: In the 90s, he appeared on a TV show and a Fangirl waved from the crowd with a wooden dildo, asking him to sign it. Sadly, said clip has been removed from Youtube and seems to permanently have disappeared into the ether, but a discussion of it can be found here.
  • Memetic Mutation: His "french fries" hairstyle during X Japan's Visual Shock phase, which fans believed was "half his height"
  • Narm: The entire body of Toshi's Masaya-influenced "iyashi-kei" healing music and T-Earth, right down to the band concept for the latter.
  • Nightmare Fuel/ Paranoia Fuel: The person you fell in love with and married slowly destroys every bit of your life, separating you from lifelong friends and family, leading you into a Scam Religion which itself entwines itself in your life. Your concept of reality itself is shattered, you have signed over all of your finances, you work like a slave, you've hurt almost all your friends and possibly contributed to one's death - and you believe every bit of it is just and right and what you deserve, only slowly realizing that your life for the last 12 years or more has been a lie.
  • Yoko Oh No: Kaori Moritani - because of all of the above and her ruining his career and life for years.

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