Awesome / Toshimitsu Deyama

  • Going onto his Mixi to out the secrets of Home of Heart when all his other sites were controlled by the cult, then calling a full press conference to apologize and at the same time demand the cult stop scamming other people....Video of the first press conference here - first part, the rest is in related videos
  • His tour of charity concerts after the 2011 Japanese tsunami and earthquake. He's raised money for victims, accomplished his original goals of doing something actually good for society and the people around him...
  • His going back to his painful and triggering memories of life in the sect to write his autobiography about his years in it, despite the risks doing so have posed to his mental health and personal security. If even one person reads his story and recognizes themselves and their experience in a religious group/self-help seminar/any other organization to be similar and/or becomes aware of how abusive social groups and abusers manipulate even people who think themselves immune and therefore doesn't join such a group - he's likely saved their money, mental health, and even possibly their life simply by relating his own experiences.