YMMV / Thin Lizzy

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The song "Roisin Dubh: Black Rose (A Rock Legend)" is probably the best Thin Lizzy track in terms of sheer awesome, showcasing the full extent of the bands combined musical powers.
  • Ear Worm: Thin Lizzy tried very hard to combine hard rock with commercial success without sacrificing integrity, and for the most part they succeeded.
  • Epic Riff: About 70% of their songs are built on one or several of these.
  • Face of the Band: The surviving members of the band received much criticism when they reformed after Lynott's death.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The final track from the band's last album Thunder and Lightning is called "Heart Attack". Less than three years after the album's release, Phil Lynott would die from heart failure.
  • Older Than They Think: "Suicide" contains a solo section which, with its dueling twin guitars and running bass, is pure NWOBHM...five years before Iron Maiden would become famous for doing the same thing. Iron Maiden were influenced by Lizzy.
  • Painful Rhyme: "Romeo and the Lonely Girl":
    Oh poor Romeo
    Sitting out on his own-ee-o
  • Signature Song: Again, "Whiskey In The Jar" and "The Boys Are Back In Town". Other fan favorites and lesser hits are "Jailbreak", "Waiting For An Alibi", "Don't Believe a Word" and "Dancing In the Moonlight", plus many others.
  • Sublime Rhyme: Lynott was a master of storytelling, internal rhymes and alliteration, as the first verse from "Brought Down" shows:
    I was seldom sober in nineteen hundred and fifty-four
    Hey baby, maybe 'cause my baby had a baby by me
    And I was still drinking dry gin
    While you cried "no, no more"
    And you were lyin' and a-cryin',
    And your tears fell dying on the floor
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: When Midge Ure was playing guitar in the band briefly after Gary Moore left, he had to learn all the songs; he claimed it was difficult as the songs (and therefore guitar harmony parts) were often in the same key.
    • The riffs of "Get Out Of Here" and "No One Told Him" are blatantly similar to those of "The Boys Are Back In Town".
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Most Thin Lizzy fans have a favourite lineup and a least favourite lineup.