YMMV / They Hunger

  • Breather Level: Midway through the asylum you come upon Dr. Franklin's quarters which, turns out to be completely free until you find Alfred, who happened to mistook you for a zombie.
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Squick: One of the few uninfected you come about is hiding in an outhouse. Inside the actual toilet part.
  • Special Effect Failure: When the Sheriff gives his speech to the zombies while the player watches, he is interrupted by the army, and vanishes quickly. Very quickly in fact; if you squint and watch the sheriff, The Sherrif literally disappears Out of Nowhere on a millisecond when the first explosions hit the ground between the both of you. The flames of the explosions didn´t cover him up good enough.
  • That One Boss: The final boss. In the unpatched version of the mod, he simply has too much health. Literally, some people had to use cheats to get enough ammo to at least have a chance of taking him down.