YMMV / Theodore Tugboat

  • Designated Villain: Scally from "Scally's Stuff".
  • Idiot Plot/ Informed Wrongness:
    • "Scally's Stuff" As stated in Designated Villain, he's seen as this to the other tugs after they didn't want to use his stuff as it was useless. The episode was trying to point out that buying extra stuff isn't all that great. The problem wasn't Scally; it was how the tugs were using the stuff. Plus it wasn't like he scammed the tugs as he actually gave the stuff for free.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Hank in "Hank and the Hug". Hank gets pissed at the other tugboats for not wanting to play with him, even though they all have jobs to do.