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YMMV: The Wolfman (2010)
  • Adaptation Displacement
  • Awesome Music: Danny Elfman, you've done it again.
  • Complete Monster: Sir John Talbot is a literal and figurative monster. Cursed with lycanthropy decades before the film, Sir John murdered his wife accidentally and allowed his young son Lawrence to be sent to an asylum to have the memory of the werewolf tortured out of him. When Lawrence's brother was going to leave the Talbot home, John didn't lock himself up on the full moon with the express intent of transforming and tearing his son apart. He allows himself to transform outside his cage shortly after, killing many innocent people and infecting the returned Lawrence. He allows Lawrence to transform and go on a killing rampage so he'll be blamed for the killings and be sent back to the asylum for more torture and insanity. Sir John had given his Indian manservant Singh a gun with silver shells to stop him should he ever lose control, but upon Lawrence's return to the manor to settle things with his father, he finds Singh's butchered corpse and John gleefully informing him he'd removed the powder from the shells years ago. Seeing his curse as power, John Talbot believes that he is the superior species and can do whatever he wants to anyone, even his own sons who he views as nothing more than possessions.
  • Crazy Awesome: Sir John is a proper, English gentleman who's also a keen shot with a rifle, a keen liar/actor, and a great hunter as he is dressed in different furs and his home is decorated with different stuffed beasts is a testimony of this. He's completely INSANE and a werewolf to boot.
  • Designated Villain: Inspector Aberline is really only an antagonist so far as he's trying to kill the hero. Sir John is the actual villain of the story.
  • Iron Woobie: Lawrence at the end, when he goes off to kill his father.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Sir John.
  • Narm: Despite being a movie rife with dismemberment and painful transformations, all of it fails to cover up the immeasurable number of narm in every scene:
    • In almost every single scene is the goddamn moon, even during the daytime! Even reviewers of noted how every scene transition is the moon. It was like the viewing audience were too stupid that to equate a full moon with every werewolf transformation.
    • In the midst of the werewolf son and father battle, Benicio Del Toro's character's love-interest Gwen runs into another room to escape the battling beasts. Suddenly, right in the next scene she is already on the other side of the lawn outside the burning mansion. The scene cut looked like she managed to cover that much ground in only a few seconds, and wearing a thick Victorian dress no less!
    • The less than subtle over-the-top gorn fest makes the movie seem more like a horror-comedy, than the horror-drama it was meant to aim for. Seriously, the werewolf actually completely beheads a guy hitting him once.
    • Whenever the wolfman starts howling. However, it's more Narm Charm than pure out narm.
    • The director's decision to use a computer animated bear and deer. Also doubles as special effects failure.
    • The last moments between Gwen and the dying Lawrence after being shot in werewolf form by a silver bullet. The scene would have been heartrending, if Lawrence didn't die right there the moment they exchange their last words. He doesn't pass off slowly, he just turns his head and he's dead. And suddenly it's not so sad anymore.
    • The way the movie went nuts with the jump-scare tactic.
    • Anthony Hopkin's Headroll
    • The Dr's impalement on the asylum fence.
    • And shortly after that, the scene where the wolf is on the roof with the statue, howling at the moon. It's supposed to look all imposing and whatnot, but comes across as though he's raping the statue.
  • Narm Charm: Most of the werewolf scenes, starting with their decision not to change the werewolf appearance from the black and white original.
  • Older Than They Think: "Your Wolfman ripped off Twilight.", ahem. The angry letter claims that the movie is ripping off of Twilight (2008) even though it's a remake of the original movie (1941) which drew from the common mythology of werewolves (circa 60 AD). The context of the letter strongly indicates that the writer believes Stephanie Meyer invented werewolves.
  • One-Scene Wonder: An uncredited Max von Sydow, in the extended version, as the mysterious man who gives Lawrence the silver cane.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Admit it... the transformation sequences are pretty awesome, just as Rick Baker's incredible makeup effects. No wonder they won an Oscar for Best Makeup.
  • The Woobie: You can't help but feel pretty crappy for Lawrence after his time in the asylum. You feel pretty crappy for him for most of the movie!

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