Funny / The Wolfman (2010)

  • Aberline's explanation of why he's in the pub, not out looking for the werewolf. "Pint of Bitter, please."
  • The look on Dr. Hannigan's face when he realizes Lawrence really is a werewolf.
  • There's one during the opening of the extended edition, when Gwen meets Lawrence at the theater, while the cast celebrates after a performance. The rest of the troupe leaves to give Lawrence and Gwen some privacy. As Lawrence begins to talk, he is interrupted as one of the actresses takes the glass he's holding, drinks from it, and hands it back before smiling and leaving.
  • Right before Lawrence transforms in the asylum, Dr. Hannigan mutters something to the extent of "He's no more able to change into a werewolf than I am to sprout wings and fly out of the window." Guess how he dies.
  • In the the fight near the ending Sir John has the upper hand against Lawrence, who is brutally beat down. Dazed, he is pulled up by the scruff of his neck to be shown the rising moon. His opponent indulges in a bit of Evil Gloating, and doesn't notice Lawrence is starting to come back to his senses. Lawrence looks up at his attacker, then sideways, realises his position, and dives into him. You can practically see the gears start working again in Lawrence's head.