YMMV / The Troop

The TV show
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Cadence and Kirby are just as popular as Jake and Hayley, even though there is no sign that the two like each other romantically
  • Ho Yay - Felix and Jake. Felix practically idolizes Jake, setting up friendship schedules and sleepovers, and sending him longing, little-more-than-platonic glances. Also, they crossdress as cute girls. And Felix? Well, he's VERY convincing.
    • Felix takes his disguises seriously, but that aside, Informed Knowledge about Felix is that aside from the previous Troop member, he had no friends at all, and that also explains why he wanted to trust Gus when Gus extended the hand of friendship.
    • Also between Felix and Gavin in "Welcome to the Jungle", between Jake and Lance in "Tentacle Face", and temporarily between Felix and Gus in "My Gus is Back".
    • Hayley and Cadence also have their share of it.
  • Narm - The vampsters (vampires crossed with hamsters). Case closed. Their evil lair even has a giant wheel for them to run in.
    • Oh, this show's chock full of it. One shining example is seen in the episode where Jake's little sister gets a Dragon as a pet. Long & short, she must say goodbye in the end. It's handled in a way that's supposed to be truly heartwarming...yet comes across as cheesy as an old 1990's flick.
  • Special Effect Failures - Oh yes.
  • Too Good to Last: The show was really good with at least some sort of continuity. Nick, of course decided to canceled it. Halfway through season 2.

The novel
  • Accidental Innuendo: The cabin's closet is wallpapered.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: A certain comedy routine has a man infested by a tapeworm, and he acts like a mother who backed out of an abortion at the last second. Shelly's Sanity Slippage has him behave much the same way towards his tapeworm colony.