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YMMV: The Storyteller
  • Nightmare Fuel: Hans, My Hedgehog
  • Retroactive Recognition: A non-acting example — the script writer for the series was Anthony Mingella, then just some guy but now famous as a writer and director of films including Truly Madly Deeply, The English Patient, The Talented Mr Ripley and Cold Mountain.
  • Tear Jerker: All of the Downer Endings. The story of Daedelus in particular will rip out your soul.
    • Although Hans the hedgehog and his wife end up happily, his mother dies of a broken heart when he leaves home near the beginning. Sob.
    • Also, The Heartless Giant. Even if you feel that the Giant deserved to die, the ending line, "A little boy met a giant, and they became friends," will drive you to tears.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The Greek Myth episodes, for some. It does not help that only one episode does not end with a Downer Ending (arguably, Perseus and Medusa).
  • Unnecessary Makeover: YMMV, but Anja (from "The True Bride") looked better with straight blonde hair, than she does with the curly red mop she gets when she becomes a princess.

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