YMMV / The Storyteller

  • Complete Monster: The nameless, Wicked Witch from "The Three Ravens" seduces a good-hearted king and attempts to usurp his kingdom by changing his sons into ravens. The king helps his daughter escape, but she is rendered mute for three years in order to break the enchantment. The witch murders the king and seduces another who is the father of the princess's future husband. Every time the princess has a baby, the witch takes the children and attempts to murder them by throwing them down a well, unaware that the raven princes are saving them. The witch then frames the princess herself for the murders and attempts to have her burned as a witch, knowing she can't speak a single word to save herself.
  • Funny Moments: Some of the interactions between the Storyteller and the Dog could become these. From "The Soldier and Death", we get this exchange.
    Dog: (sniff, sniff) What's in that bag? I can smell biscuits!
    Storyteller: Imagination.
    Dog: Let me see!
    Storyteller: Certainly not! (grabs bag, while the Dog grabs it with his teeth and yanks on it) There are many important things in this bag! And besides, I need those biscuits for my story!
    Dog: (lets go of bag) Well, tell your story! Then we can eat them! Is it an old story?
    Storyteller: Ancient. Antique.
    Dog: Oh. Stale biscuits.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Hans, My Hedgehog
  • Retroactive Recognition: A non-acting example — the script writer for the series was Anthony Mingella, then just some guy but who went on to write and direct such films as Truly Madly Deeply, The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain.
  • Tear Jerker: All of the Downer Endings. The story of Daedelus in particular will rip out your soul.
    • Although Hans the hedgehog and his wife end up living Happily Ever After, his mother dies of a broken heart when he leaves home near the beginning. Sob.
    • Also, "The Heartless Giant". Even if you feel that the Giant deserved to die, the ending line, "A little boy met a giant, and they became friends," will drive you to tears.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The Greek Myths episodes, for some, due to a tendency for Downer Endings; "Perseus and Medusa" is arguably the only one that bucks the trend.
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Some feel Anja ("The True Bride") looks better with straight blonde hair than she does with the curly red mop she gets when she becomes a princess.