YMMV / The Star of the Guardians

  • Complete Monster: Abdiel is the leader of the Order of the Black Lightning, a rogue faction of mind-rapists. He uses his abilities to build an army of mindless followers by promising them exquisite pleasures, but actually uses his followers as toys to torment for kicks. Abdiel is revealed to have orchestrated the old revolution against the monarchy, murdering the whole royal family to seize power before his gamble was exposed and his Order destroyed. In revenge, he proceeds to hunt down and wipe out every member of the Blood Royal genetic line. Later, he tries to sell a doomsday device that could destroy all life to a rival empire for profit. When his enemies finally put him down for good, he ensures that his final blow will drive his slayer Maigrey insane, forcing her soulmate Sagan to kill her to spare her the pain.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Tusk seeing Sagan for the first time in Ghost Legion.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • The author has mentioned that Vangelis' "Heaven and Hell" should sound at the epilogue of Ghost Legion.
    • The Golden Squadron March that is based on the part of Vangelis' "To the Unknown Man"
  • Nightmare Fuel: The alien race of Corasians, feeding on anything living, from trees to humans; Abdiel and his mind-deads.
  • Tear Jerker: The author herself admitted to have been crying all day long after she wrote the scene where Maigrey died. The scene of Sagan's death probably counts, too. In fairness, Maigrey is quite possibly an Author Avatar.
    • "The king is dead, Maigrey. Long live the king."