Awesome / The Star of the Guardians

  • Sagan & Maigrey winning the space fight against the Corasians (The Lost King). Just the two of them on small spaceplanes destroying a giant mothership - how awesome is that?
  • Sagan & Maigrey entering Snaga Ohme's hall to the sounds of the Golden Squadron March (King's Test).
  • The exchange in Ghost Legion:
    Flaim Starfire (asking why Sagan chose to stop him at the cost of his own life): “Why? Why? I was everything you wanted to be!”
    Sagan: “That is why.”
  • The entire mountaintop fight in Ghost Legion where Xris, Kamil, Astarte and Archbishop Fideles band together to stop a group of trained commandos, despite two of them being popes, only the other two having guns, and only one of those knowing how to use it.