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YMMV: The Settlers
  • Cult ClassicThe Settlers II, in particular its idiosyncratic infrastructure (segmented roads with each carrier relaying wares along their segment), attracted such a cult that it was remade in 3D on its tenth anniversary and also inspired the open-source game Widelands. Ironically, this iconic mechanism was likely influenced by early technical constraints, as it required far less pathfinding work for the computer compared to carriers walking around freely.
  • Game Breaker — Catapults in The Settlers II didn't break peace agreements, so you could just use them to bomb through most of the opposition base.
  • That One Level — Campaign level 6: The first level where there is no initial peace treaty with your more powerful, aggressive rivals.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks — Every game after the second, but particularly Heritage of Kings and Rise of an Empire.

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