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YMMV: The Return
  • Anvilicious: DarkStar lecturing Usagi on humanity. Usagi hangs a lampshade on it.
  • Boring Invincible Angagonist — Galina head of the Russian Cyborgs. Darkstar's counterpart. Neither can beat the other, but each can beat anyone else. Naturally, they spend their fights locked in a bloody stalemate.
  • Die for Our Ship — Tuxedo Kamen. In the bathroom, off camera no less.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse — Eve and her brood.
  • Foe Yay — In addition to beating each other to hell, Darkstar shot Galina in the crotch repeatedly, has daydreams about fighting her again. It's suggested Galina for her part cut off Darkstar's tail (why else would a being that can heal even bother to bandage a minor wound) and seems to be obsessive to the point of scaring her "men".
  • Genius Bonus — "Succubae" as the plural of Succubus instead of the usual "Succubii" as "ae" was only used for feminine-gender nouns.
  • Growing the Beard — Somewhere between when Ranma accepts her daughters and when she looses her ability to return to her (male) human form at the best possible time. Alexia was about to turn her human and kill her, for some reason, it didn't work.
  • Nightmare Fuel— Ranma's personality, interests, everything that makes him himself is slowly consumed and destroyed by a combination of curse and past-life regression. Similar loss of identity occurs in a lot of the individuals who undergo the succubus conversion process. There's a reason why, with one or two exceptions, the only ones to do it are enemy victims and those for whom the alternative is dying- and even then, some refuse. Loss of Identity is a fate many consider to be A Fate Worse Than Death.
  • Rooting for the Empire — the overpowered nature of the Succubae attacks and smug attitude ever since Alexia have left some fans hoping the next set of enemies will win.

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