YMMV: The Prophecy

  • Anti-Climax Boss: For all his hype, even before God's intervention, Pyriel goes down like a chump far easier than ANY OTHER ANGEL in the series.
  • Complete Monster: Pyriel, The Whited Sepulcher of the third film, is an Omnicidal Maniac of an angel, having assumed the mantle of the "Angel Of Genocide." While his former leader Gabriel simply balked at having humanity placed above angels and genuinely loved their Father, Pyriel fancies himself and has his followers call him the new God and that his mission is to help the "monkeys" perish, adding "Genocide...it happens now and then." His mercilessness extends to his own angel brethren as he has his fallen brothers captured and tormented in horrible agony. When confronted by the hero, the Nephalim Danyael, Pyriel attempts to kill him by sadistically crushing his skull and shoving his thumbs through his eyes, grinning the entire time.
  • Foe Yay: Gabriel tenderly kisses Simon's hand when they meet. Also, Lucifer's scene with Gabriel, where he licks his face before ripping his heart out and eating it.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Gabriel in the first two movies. One-Scene Wonder Lucifer as well.
  • Retroactive Recognition: It seems Satan took up the Shards of Narsil at some point.
    • Amanda Plummer as Rachel.
  • Sequelitis: All of the sequels, especially the fourth and fifth movies.
  • Squick: Simon kissing a corpse and later, a little girl