YMMV / The Oregon Files

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Just about any moment in a book where the Oregon's capabilities are used to their fullest.
  • Hilarious/Harsher in Hindsight: The plot of Corsair is centered around a Libyan conference where Muammar Gaddafi announces increased co-operation with the West and their anti-terrorist policies, which the bad guys are trying to derail. This was written in 2009, two years before the Libyan Civil War that saw Gaddafi's regime get toppled with support from NATO and the man himself executed.
  • Tear Jerker: Whenever a main member of the Corporation dies definitely counts. One that comes to mind is Mike Trono, who dies in The Emperor's Revenge after taking a bullet meant for Juan.
    • Even worse is how only moments before, he and Linda were teasing each other and posing as a tourist couple, and having fun with it too. And then Trono dies in her arms.
      • And then even more heartwrenching if you recall that Trono and Pulaski were Those Two Guys until Pulaski was killed in The Jungle and Trono took his death harder than anyone.
    • The ending of The Silent Sea definitely falls in this trope. With Juan thought to have been killed in the refinery explosion, it becomes clear that without him, the Corporation is going to fall apart, and in many respects, the crew will never be able to re-acclimate to civilian life, since the Corporation was their family. Thankfully, a cheerful message from Juan explaining how he survived and requesting a pick up at the very end averts a Downer Ending, but it goes to show that without Cabrillo, the Corporation really has nothing else to support them.
    • Learning about Juan's backstory and how it affects him can also count. He was a CIA agent, one of the best, and happily married to the love of his life as well. However, his constant travelling left his wife lonely and depressed, and she soon became an alcoholic. One night, she went for a drive while intoxicated and got into a wreck, killing herself. Despite every scrap of logic and every person who knows about it saying it wasn't his fault, Juan still blames himself for her death for not being with her more. While it is not always obvious, he still harbors a deep sense of guilt that more than just causes him to lose sleep.