YMMV / The Ocean Hunter

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In the end credits, Rahab explains that humans were doing so much damage to the oceans that he created five other monsters (The main bosses except Midgardsorm) to protect them. Kinda makes the player out to the be villain, in the end.
    • On the other hand there is the interpretation: Men were sailing the sea in wooden ships, and technology was steampunk at the best: It was Rahab who thought that the seas were of his own. When he said "When vanity and sea meet", it wasn't the hubris of men, who were only explorers searching for the limits of Earth, it was Rahab's hubris, who thought himself as a god, being just another monster.
    • There is also the fact that Rahab's creations are causing just as much damage to the oceans as they are to the human race. Karkinos alone has killed nearly the entire whale population of the sea he inhabits. It can be argued that, even if Rahab seriously believed he was helping the oceans, he only made them suffer even more with his extremely agressive creations.
  • Awesome Moments: The end credits reveal that Rahab isn't just some cryptid: he's the Physical God of the sea, who created the five monsters and is the cause of storms, all to punish humanity for destroying the oceans. And bear in mind that you find this out after you've killed him. Humans 1, Gaia's Vengeance zip.
  • Goddamned Bats: The swarm of jellyfish in stage 5, and the piranhas in stage 4 to a lesser extent.
  • Memetic Badass: The diver who has somehow managed to live in Midgardsorm's stomach for ten days. Even ignoring the fact that he'd run out of air within hours and has no source of drinkable water, there's also the parasitic trilobites that nearly flay you alive the moment you regain control and he has NO WEAPON to fend them off with except an ineffective sword (And even if that worked he has to sleep some time). His rather optimistic attitude and tone despite his situation, plus the fact that he looted the swallowed ships for treasure, a sword, and a GOLD CROWN HE WEARS ON HIS HELMET, also help.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The vast majority of the sea monsters, and some of the mini bosses, particularly if you have a fear of the ocean.
  • Squick: At the beginning of the North Sea, you find the corpse of a baby whale before lampreys suddenly shoot out of it to attack you.. Ugh.
  • That One Boss: Karkinos. Many expert players fell under his mighty pincers.
    • Scylla, the giant squid miniboss, will eventually begin ramming the player and is nearly impossible to deflect the attack of.
  • That One Level: The North Sea. Those damn jellyfish!