YMMV / The Ninth Gate

Book YMMV:

  • Genius Bonus: Talliefer was the name of a Norman jester/fool, in keeping with the book's Tarot Motifs
  • The Untwist: Liana, "Rochefort" and Balkan were actually trying to get "The Anjou Wine" from Corso all along and knew nothing of The Nine Gates. Varo Borja alone was responsible for the murders of Fargas and Ungern.

Movie YMMV:

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: In a rather serious movie, there's only one, but it's a good one: Corso finds the Devil reading How To Win Friends And Influence People.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Liana Telfer seduces Corso shortly after her husband's death in order to get Corso's copy of the book. Also, The Girl.
  • Familiar: The Girl may be Corso's familiar. Her animal form is the large black dog who appears several times in the movie. She appears shortly after the concept of a familiar is explained to Corso.
  • Homegrown Hero: An American bookseller travels around Europe to discover a Lucifer-raising cult?
  • Narm: Liana Telfer's hissing and clawing at Corso is rather ridiculous and just looks silly instead of threatening.