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YMMV: The Metamorphoses
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: At the beginning of the poem, when recounting the Ages of the World and saying how much his time period sucks, Ovid wishes that he were born either earlier (and been around when gods and heroes were) or later (as presumably things would have to start improving later on, right?) Now fast forward to the modern age... the standard of living is most definitely higher now than it was then.
  • Les Yay: Subverted. In Iphis and Ianthe's tale, the two girls are married as husband and wife, but Iphis has serious issues about how she'll be able to fulfill her role. Cue to magical Gender Bender. Amusingly enough, however, there's far more Les Yay fuel from Ianthe's part, who ignores Iphis' true gender.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The birth and emergence of Bacchus. It starts with Jupiter raping Semele. Then Juno manipulates events, forcing Jupiter to burn her alive and bear her infant son in his leg. After the baby god Bacchus is born, he intimidates Acoetes into becoming his high priest heads to Thebes. There, he whips the entire female population into a frenzy and forces them to rip the king Pentheus limb from limb. The crowner? The leader of this group is Agave, Pentheus's mother.
    • The story of Erysichthon, a king who chops down a tree in the sacred grove of Ceres and is punished with never-ending hunger. He ends up selling all his possessions to buy food, down to selling his daughter into slavery (though she escapes through her Voluntary Shapeshifting). And in the end, he dies trying to eat himself.
  • Unfortunate Implications / Values Dissonance: Iphis' love for Ianthe is portrayed as a sort of unbearable wish against nature, and only after becoming a man she can be happy. Meanwhile, Jove, Apollo, and Theseus go after boys with little to no consequence (When Apollo's relationship with Hyacinthus was criticized, it was mainly due to the fact that he was abandoning his duties). She laments that even the bestiality of a Cretan queen wasn't as bad:
    Iphis: Queen PasiphaŽ was taken by a bull, yet even that was male-and-female passion!
  • What an Idiot: A lot of things could have been avoided if people stopped to think that insulting beings who are immortal and super-powered wasn't a very good idea.

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