YMMV / The Goon Show

  • Acceptable Political Targets: While politicians in general are treated, well, about as well as anything in the show, there's this exchange from "The Last Goon Show Of All":
    Grytpype: (to Moriarty) You can't tell the difference between a lump on the head and margarine! The leadership of the Conservative Party is yours for the asking!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Jokes about how "that is why this show will never be televised" after a scene in which it's implied someone's naked, etc... the show was eventually televised, albeit with puppets.
    • Also, Count Jim Moriarty's name.
      • This was, of course, an intentional parody of the original James Moriarty's name, but to be fair, nobody had ever seriously called him Jim until Sherlock.
  • Memetic Mutation: A pre-internet example - "Lurgi" remains a common British word for generic illness and is sometimes used by children instead of 'tag' in schoolyard games.
  • Once Acceptable Targets: There are jokes about singer and occasional guest cast member Ray Ellington being black that, while obviously made with his consent, tend to raise modern eyebrows - e.g. another character is blackened in a Harmless Explosion and is promptly mistaken for Ellington. Even at the time, the show was criticized for being anti-Semitic with regards to minor Jewish characters/bystanders such as show business agent Lew (ironically, Sellers, who was half-Jewish, usually played those roles).
    • And then there's Yakamoto in "Napoleon's Piano". "What's he do?" "Nothing, he's just here to lend colour to the scene."
    • "How on earth shall we defeat him?" "I've found a chink in his armour!" "Those Chinese get everywhere."
    • "Tonight's programme comes to you from an Arab stench recuperating centre in Stoke Poges."
    • At least two scripts have this uncomfortable gag:
      (ch-CHING of a cash register)
      Bloodnok: Ah, the Jewish piano.