YMMV / The Getaway


  • One-Scene Wonder: Slim Pickens as the truck driver who ends up getting Doc and Carol to safety. Richard Farnsworth played the same character in the remake.


  • Contested Sequel: Black Monday contains more glitches than the original game and has nearly the exact same gameplay as the first one. Whether or not the sequel is still a great game but with a shorter, less interesting story, or a complete waste of time that players shouldn't bother with, varies.
  • Demonic Spiders: Any mook carrying a shotgun (which can kill you with three shots, sometimes two) or a Molotov cocktail (which will kill you instantly).
  • It's Short, So It Sucks: While critics and fans praise the game for its story and gameplay, many have also noted that the only downside is that the first (and second) games are short and can be beaten in a day or two.
  • That One Level:
    • "Out of the Frying Pan." You basically find yourself stuck between a huge gunfight between several Yardies and Triads. The number of enemies in the stage is no less than fifty, and they all must be killed before you can finish the stage. And then there's the Yardie mooks who carry Molotov cocktails, which you probably won't see until it's too late.
    • "Aboard the Sol Vita." You have to battle your way through the Sol Vita, taking down several Bethnal Green mobsters along the way. The level's very large and hard to navigate, enemies are everywhere, and when you finally reach the end, you'll find yourself facing Harry Preston and his sawed-off shotgun.
    • "Land of Hope and Glory." Imagine playing the ship section of "Aboard the Sol Vita" again, but increase the amount of mooks you have to fight your way through. Now try to finish the level in under three minutes, and you'll see just why the level's so difficult.
  • What an Idiot!: After Mark's wife is shot, he runs outside and instinctively picks up one of the two guns on the sidewalk and then drops it. After she dies, Mark picks up the other gun and runs off, carelessly leaving the one he already touched on the ground.