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YMMV / The Funky Phantom

  • Actor Allusion: Probably unintentional, but amusing enough—when Skip is hanging from a tree branch in the last episode, Augie remarks "I always knew he was part monkey." Micky Dolenz—most famous as the drummer for The Monkees—voiced Skip.
  • Awesome Music
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Averted as of 2010; the entire series was released on DVD through Warner Archive.
  • One True Threesome: April to be with both her guys.
  • Road Trip Romance: Depending on interpretation. Three teens, varying in style, traveling around. Both Skip and Augie both seem to like April, yet are still going everywhere together? April seems to like both back. Also, when another person comes along, Augie and Skip are either jealous together or interested in the other girl. And if you thought Scooby-Doo had shipping problems, The Funky Phantom may have on purpose had a three-way relationship going on.