YMMV / The Funky Phantom

  • Awesome Music: The theme song. Simple and Catchy.
  • Growing the Beard: As mentioned the last two episodes of the series do have an odd change from beyond the run of the mill plot. While there is still a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax it is put on the back burner inside of the bigger story. The one has Mudsy and the kids going to Mudsy's ancestral home to find the mayor (a descendant of a family the Muddlemore's have a feud with) wants to tear it down. The ghost haunting the house is not really the prominent part of the story. The latter has the kids go to where Mudsy himself lives and shows how Mudsy had been fleeing from red coats burying treasure when he got locked in the clock and eventually died. Modern day thieves don ghost costumes and try to lure him into revealing the treasure's locations. Both of these storylines provide an example of them trying to add a bit more depth to Mudsy's history and are a bit more than the usual unmask the guy ending the series had before hand.
  • Shipping: This Hanna Barbera series had a little more than subtext to be dealt with. Mostly leading to a One True Threesome idea.
    • Namely speaking, right from the offset the show appears to go for a Love Triangle between the three teens but ends up leaving a lot to be imagined. Importantly Augie and Skip both tend to fight for April's attention but more in terms of banter and jokes. April generally seems to reciprocate both. It also generally seems the three still enjoy their travels together and aren't directly trying to get rid of one another like say Alexandra was to Josie.
    • In "Don't Fool With a Phantom" at the end Skip and Augie argue over who's going to sit in back with April. April offers the compromise, they both will.
    • In "I'll Haunt You Later", when the guys have a disagreement over who will sing, April's response is to ask "which one of you is going to serenade me?"
    • In "The Headless Horseman" both Skip and Augie gravitate to another female love interest together, stirring April to get jealous she lost both her boys.
    • In "Haunt In Inn" April isn't very shy about both boys seeing her in her nightgown that's even shorter than her usual skirt.
    • in "April's Foolish Day", April returns the favor accepting to be the navigator to another racer. Augie and Skip don't really bicker as much as they just want their girl back.