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YMMV: The Dunwich Horror
  • Fridge Logic: Where did Wilbur's Y chromosome come from? Males inherit that from their fathers (females have XX). I doubt an Eldritch Abomination has anything resembling human genetic material. (Or would Lovecraft have not known this?)
    • If you're going to worry about a Y chromosome, you might first want to worry about just how an Eldritch Abomination is even able to breed with humans in the first place.
    • If Wilbur is anything like Helen Vaughan, then he might not actually be biologically male—he could have assumed a shape agreeable to most people's image of physical maleness, just as Helen Vaughan wears a pretense of physical femaleness but is, in fact, an eldritch monstrosity that changes sex according to the situation.
    • Wilbur ends up over nine feet tall. Where's he getting his clothes from? Magic Pants?
  • Narm Describing a fight with an invisible monster is hard enough to do seriously in third person narration. It becomes even worse when the reader's viewpoint doesn't actually make it to the climax of the story and is instead forced to settle for listening to a description of the fight from a guy watching it through a telescope, making the ending come across like listening to someone describe a bad mime routine to a blind person.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The townsfolk refer to Wilbur as "Lavinia's black brat." Why, hello, Lovecraft's racism, glad to see you could make it again.
    • And not to mention the fact that he is dark despite his human family (where his human aspects would have come from) being white. Note that some of his facial features are reminiscent of blackface (as is true of the Deep Ones as well).
    He was, however, exceedingly ugly despite his appearance of brilliancy; there being something almost goatish or animalistic about his thick lips, large-pored, yellowish skin, coarse crinkly hair, and oddly elongated ears.
  • The Woobie: Lavinia. She's unattractive, deformed, isolated, lives in squalor with a batshit insane father, and is eventually killed by her unholy spawn whom she had begun to fear. To make matters worse, it's all but stated the demonic whippoorwhills managed to capture her soul.

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