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YMMV: The Dream Machine
  • Awesome Music: The tune that plays during your last dialog with Morton.
  • Fridge Brilliance: When you make a Bloody Mary for the captain in chapter 3, you have to use your own blood instead of tomato juice. When the drink arrives to the captain, she calls for the bartender, who took credit for your work, presumably in order to promote him, because she liked the drink. Of course, she liked it - the liquids in human body is what the machine lives on!
  • Fridge Horror: Look at the things Alicia goes through during all the chapters, but especially chapter 3. Keep in mind that she is pregnant during the whole ordeal. Yikes.
  • Older Than They Think: A creator version! According to the game's development blog, it was discovered that the cutting edge practice of keeping track of what players do in game to help streamline it was actually done in 1987 by Sierra in Leisure Suit Larry. While disappointed, he still gave props to the man responsible for the idea.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The reveal of the third chapter. Victor finds himself in the hold surrounded with dead replicas of himself piled around. The machine has been draining them of their live forces.
    • The appearance the Machine takes on in the various dreams. Large, black, slimy, throbbing tentacles that are literally feeding on the dreams.
    • Let's not forget the horrifying high-pitched shrieks the machine emits when Victor disables one of its tentacles.
    • It happens a lot in the game, so you'll most likely get used to it, but the first foray into the dream of another person is really freaky, what with the static, the image of everything around you distorting and a sound that sounds suspiciously like screaming.
    • Morton's notebook in the fourth chapter implies that he planned to invade the mind of Victor and Alicia's unbord child.
  • Uncanny Valley: All of the characters are this, to a certain extent. It is claymation, after all.

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